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Places to Visit in Ankara

Places to Visit in Ankara
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Places to Visit in Ankara

Ankara, TurkeyIt is a remarkable destination as it is the capital and second largest city of . It is dazzling with its modern structures as well as its historical and cultural riches. AnkaraThere are many places to visit in . In this blog post, AnkaraWe will mention some important points that you should definitely visit in .

Historical Places and Monuments


Ankarathe most important symbol of Mausoleum, Founder of Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal AtatürkIt is the final resting place of . Serving as a large memorial museum complex MausoleumIt is a visit point that should not be missed for history lovers and those with high national consciousness.

Ataturk's grave and mausoleum, MausoleumWhile it is located in the center of Turkey, the national statues surrounding it offer visitors a journey into Turkey's history. Each statue tells about the great struggles, victories and sacrifices of the Turkish nation. MausoleumWhen you step into , you will be fascinated by history and want to take a journey into the past.

Mausoleum, is not only a monument but also a museum and archive. Here, documents, photographs and items related to the founding process of the Republic of Turkey are exhibited. Ataturk's personal belongings, important memories and stories are also presented to visitors here.


MausoleumWhen you visit , you will see the steps of Turkey's struggle for independence and Mustafa Kemal AtatürkYou will have an experience where you can see the great vision of . Therefore, every Turkish citizen and foreign tourist MausoleumIt is important to discover . To pay tribute to our history and keep our national consciousness alive MausoleumTake a journey through the fascinating atmosphere of and AtaturkWitness the great legacy of

Estergon Castle

Esztergon Castle, located in Keçiören district, is one of the most important works of Turkish history and culture. This impressive structure, built as a replica of the Esztergom Castle in Budapest, today serves as the Esztergom Turkish Cultural Center. AnkaraLocated in a position overlooking the magnificent view of the city, the castle is visited with interest by local and foreign tourists.

Esztergom Castle has restaurants and eye-catching ornamental gardens where you can taste traditional Turkish delicacies. In addition, the rich collections reflecting Turkish history and cult in the castle are also worth seeing. Esztergom Castle, where you can find similarities between the architecture of the iconic castle in Hungary and the Red Tower in Alanya, is a must-see for history and heritage enthusiasts. Ankara It is a must-see place during your travels.

Esztergom Castle attracts attention not only with its historical value but also with its location. AnkaraLocated in the heart of the city, it offers visitors a panoramic view of the city. It is truly fascinating to take a stroll through the castle, following the traces of history, accompanied by this magnificent view.

Esztergom Castle is the perfect spot to understand Turkish culture and history. It offers a visual feast to visitors with its unique architecture and surrounding natural beauty. AnkaraIf you ever come to Turkey, you should definitely visit Esztergom Castle and take a journey into the depths of Turkish history. This experience will amaze you and provide you with a trip full of unforgettable memories.

Esztergom Castle should be at the top of the list of those who love Turkish history and culture. AnkaraThis historical and cultural pearl of Turkey is the perfect destination for a journey full of art, architecture and flavour. While you explore the past at Esztergom Castle, you will also gain a new perspective on the present and better understand the value of Turkish heritage. AnkaraDon't miss Esztergom Castle during your trip to , and experience Turkish history to the fullest.


AnkaraLocated in Çankaya, one of the glamorous districts of Turkey, Atakule is one of the modern symbols of the city. Atakule, whose construction started in 1987 and was completed in 1989, has been hosting thousands of visitors for years with its shopping center, movie theaters, cafes, observation terraces and a rotating restaurant in the tower section.

One of the most fascinating features of Atakule is AnkaraIt is the atmosphere where you can have romantic dinners accompanied by the most beautiful views of the city. While wandering around the observation areas, you may also have the chance to take panoramic photos of the city. AnkaraThese photographs taken with the fascinating view of , will help you immortalize your unforgettable memories.

Atakule is located between Cinnah Street, Çankaya Street and Zübeyde Hanım Square. Therefore, you can easily reach it by public transportation. You can easily reach Atakule by public transportation such as bus and metro, and easily explore other attractions in the city.

Atakule, only Ankara It offers a pleasant experience not only to its people but also to tourists visiting the city. AnkaraReflecting the modern and dynamic structure of Atakule, it allows you to have an unforgettable day with its shopping, food and beverage and entertainment opportunities.

if AnkaraIf you are visiting , we recommend that you include Atakule in your list. This modern building, where you can experience the most beautiful view of the city with a unique experience, AnkaraIt is one of the cultural and tourist attraction centers of Turkey.


AnkaraHamamönü, the mysterious district of Turkey, is located in the Altındağ district and still preserves its original mystique, providing its visitors with a perfect Ottoman experience. Hamamönü is known for its classical Ottoman houses from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. AnkaraIt is a must-see spot for those who want to explore. The district is full of historical mansions, mosques, monuments and museums; It also includes popular places such as Karacabey Bath, Mehmet Akif Ersoy Park and Mehmet Akif Ersoy House Museum.

For those looking for an extraordinary experience, Hamamönü offers the opportunity to browse the collections in museums or enter classical Ottoman houses and take a small journey among original period furniture. This district, which draws you into history with its fascinating atmosphere, offers visitors the opportunity to go back to the past and discover the richness and beauty of the Ottoman Empire.

Hamamönü, with its unique historical architecture and cultural riches, also hosts many restaurants, cafes and handicraft shops. You will have the chance to taste local flavors and discover handicraft products in these places. While walking on its streets, you will feel the smell of history in your nose and feel like you are traveling in time.

Hamamönü, Mausoleum It is also located close to other important tourist attractions such as AnkaraIt is one of the places you should definitely visit when you visit. This historical district is an ideal spot for those who want to delve into the depths of Turkish culture and discover unique beauties.

Although Hamamönü is a district that attracts intense interest from local and foreign tourists, it still manages to preserve its original atmosphere and texture. To take a step into this fascinating district that everyone who loves history, culture and mysticism should see, visit the next Ankara You should definitely add Hamamönü to your list during your trip.

Korean War Memorial

AnkaraIt is a building that sheds light on the historical and cultural heritage of . This magnificent monument, which contains impressive features of Korean architecture, invites its visitors to a fascinating experience.

Monument, Ankara It is located right behind the Train Station and can be visited free of charge. While visiting the Korean War Memorial, which is an open-air structure rather than a museum, sitting on the benches around it and watching the view becomes a very enjoyable activity. While you relieve the stress of the day in this calm atmosphere, you can travel to the traces of history and review the day by sitting on the benches around the monument.

The Korean War Memorial not only keeps the painful memories of the war alive, but also symbolizes our belief in peace. AnkaraVisiting this special monument of is an opportunity to dive deep into the past and encounter a fascinating part of our history.

Streets and Squares

Red Crescent Square

AnkaraKızılay Square, one of the most well-known and lively squares of Turkey and even of Turkey, took its name from the Red Crescent center in the region where it is located. Kızılay Square, which is the center of the city, Ziya Gökalp Avenue to the east, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard to the west and Ataturk It is in a very central location, located in the north of the Boulevard.

Kızılay Square, which is the central point of public transportation, attracts attention with dozens of shops, quality restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes and entertainment centers spread over a large area. The square, which has a lively atmosphere at all hours of the day, is an ideal spot for a pleasant evening walk or shopping. .

Kızılay Square has been around for many years. AnkaraIt keeps the pulse of 's social and commercial life. Offering many options for shopping enthusiasts, the stores offer a wide range of products, from trendy clothing to electronic goods. It also has various restaurants and cafes, a rich food culture. AnkaraIt is waiting for you to have a delicious break in .

Kızılay Square also contains historical and cultural values. Located around the square Ataturk Located on the street Mausoleum You can easily reach important tourist attractions such as the War of Independence Museum.

AnkaraKızılay Square, one of the places you should definitely visit during your visit to Turkey, not only offers shopping and eating and drinking opportunities, but is also known as the heart of the city. Kızılay Square, with its lively atmosphere, various events and central location, AnkaraIt is one of the attraction centers of .

Tunalı Hilmi Street

AnkaraTunalı Hilmi Street, the most popular shopping and sightseeing street in Turkey, offers many activities and opportunities that attract everyone's attention. Located in the Kavaklıdere district with a length of 1,5 kilometers, this street is famous for its quality shops, cafes, restaurants and art galleries.

While strolling along Tunali Hilmi Street, you can pamper yourself in the stores of famous national and international brands. There are many options to choose from among the latest fashion clothing, accessories and electronic products. You can also relax at the stylish cafes on the street and take a pleasant break with delicious snacks.

In addition to shopping, there are also many art galleries on Tunalı Hilmi Street that attract art lovers. You can visit exhibitions and discover the works of local and foreign artists. AnkaraContributing to the cultural life of , these galleries can be an indispensable stop for art lovers.

You should not complete your trip on Tunalı Hilmi Street without stopping by Kuğulu Park, one of the most beautiful stops on the street. You can find peace in the green liveliness of the park while watching the cute swans and ducks. Kuğulu Park, which is a must-visit spot for everyone who wants to take a break surrounded by nature in the city center, adds a special beauty to the street.

Tunalı Hilmi Street is a place that comes alive with tourists and university students from the early hours of the morning until the late hours. You can enjoy the atmosphere by taking a pleasant walk along the street. Whether you want to shop, eat a delicious meal, or enjoy art, Tunalı Hilmi Street will always offer you many options.

Ankara Be sure to add Tunalı Hilmi Street to your list during your trip. This street will amaze you with its unique shopping opportunities, stylish cafes and restaurants, art galleries and natural beauties.

Lakes and Parks

Lake Eymir

AnkaraEymir Lake, one of the most popular natural beauties of Turkey, becomes a popular destination for nature lovers in every season of the year with its impressive view and tranquil nature. This natural wonder, allocated to the Middle East Technical University, spreads over an area of ​​45 km2 and offers many activity opportunities such as landscaped walking tracks, bicycle paths, picnic areas and country gardens.

Eymir Lake also attracts attention with its unique plant and animal species. Therefore, it is possible to discover natural life through activities such as nature walks and bird watching around the lake. In addition, rowing canoe teams also work on Eymir Lake, allowing you to enjoy sports.

Eymir Lake is the perfect escape for anyone who wants to get away from the crowds and stress of the city. This place will fascinate you with its peaceful atmosphere and allow you to enjoy nature. You can experience moments of relaxation and pleasure thanks to the rest areas and cafes around the lake.

if AnkaraIf you live in or are going to visit the city, you should definitely explore Eymir Lake. This calm and peaceful place, full of the beauties of nature, will fill your energy and take you away from the stress of daily life. Lake Eymir offers a den of nature full of unforgettable memories.

blue Lake

AnkaraAlthough it is not a city famous for its natural beauties, it manages to surprise its visitors with the many natural wonders it hides. One of them is the Blue Lake. Ankara-This unique lake, located only 12 kilometers away on the Samsun Road, offers a nature paradise with its crystal clear and deep blue waters.

Blue Lake is located in the middle of 120 decares of green area and is surrounded by picnic areas, walking paths, playgrounds, volleyball, basketball and football fields. In this way, visitors can both spend time in touch with nature and have the opportunity to do active sports activities. Blue Lake, where you can also do water sports such as paddle boats and canoes in the summer months, also has dazzling views with night lighting.

One of the things that makes the Blue Lake interesting is that it offers a different natural beauty in every season. With its diversity of plants and trees that revive and change every season, Blue Lake offers its visitors a different nature experience every time. Whether you want to see all shades of green or be enchanted by the color riot of flowers, Maviöl offers all of these to you.

AnkaraIf you're looking for a weekend getaway near , Blue Lake should definitely be at the top of your list. If you want to witness its natural beauty, fill your lungs with fresh air and get away from the stressful life for a while, immerse yourself in this unique lake. Blue Lake offers you a relaxing getaway while also giving you the opportunity to get away from the noise of the city.

Blue Lake continues to be the indispensable address of those who love nature and seek peace. AnkaraThe fact that it has such natural beauty nearby is proof that this city is gaining more importance day by day. You can also enjoy this wonderful view by visiting the Blue Lake on your next weekend.

Swan Park

AnkaraLocated in Kavaklıdere, one of the popular districts of Turkey, Kuğulu Park is famous for its natural beauty and cute swans. Kuğulu Park, which is a great travel destination especially for families with children, fascinates its visitors with its calm and peaceful atmosphere.

You can walk or bike on this beautiful lake. You can take a pleasant stroll here with ducks, geese and many other bird species, as well as swans. While your children have a joyful time in the playgrounds, you can relax and drink a nice coffee in the tea gardens.

Kuğulu Park attracts attention not only with the beauties offered by nature, but also with the historical and cultural places around it. Tunali Hilmi Street, Ataturk This park, which draws attention with its location close to important points such as Boulevard and Poland Street, AnkaraIt is a must-visit spot for everyone who visits.

Kuğulu Park, which takes on a different beauty during the winter months, offers a fascinating atmosphere with its snow views. When the walking paths and surrounding trees turn white, walking here and spending time in touch with nature can be a truly unforgettable experience.

AnkaraKuğulu Park, which is an ideal spot for those who want to explore the natural beauties of Turkey, is an important place that attracts the attention of both local and foreign tourists. We welcome everyone here who wants to get away from the noise of the city and find peace in the arms of nature.

Lake Mogan

AnkaraJust a few kilometers away from the center of Turkey, Lake Mogan is one of Turkey's most special protected areas with its breathtaking beauty. This lake, which is a part of Lake Eymir, attracts attention with its unique plant and animal diversity as an area where natural life is rare.

Spread over a large area of ​​63 km2, Mogan Lake offers a visual fest to its visitors. The regular walking paths and observation decks around it are ideal for exploring the magnificent views of the lake. Especially the presence of more than 200 waterfowl and migratory bird species hosted by the lake has made it a favorite of bird photographers. The 25-meter high lighthouse of Mogan Lake is a point where you can observe all the beauty of the lake with its panoramic views.

Mogan Lake is a popular destination not only for nature lovers but also for those looking for peace. This lake, where you can calm your mind with its stunning views and take pleasant walks accompanied by bird sounds, offers you the lap of nature, a few steps away from the busy city life.

The best times to explore Mogan Lake are spring and summer. During these periods, the surroundings of the lake take on vibrant colors and nature literally dances for you. There are also parks around the lake where you can have a picnic, ride a bike or just spend a peaceful day.

AnkaraMogan Lake, one of the unique natural beauties of Turkey, constitutes an indispensable destination for both nature photographers and nature lovers. If you would like to take a break from your life with nature by being fascinated by this unique lake, Mogan Lake is waiting for you.


AnkaraGüvenpark, located in Kızılay Square, the center of the city, stands out as a natural area that offers its visitors a beautiful travel experience with its fascinating monuments, historical trees and large children's parks. This park, where you can take a quiet break away from the noise of the city, offers a rich experience in terms of history and culture.

The most striking feature of Güvenpark is the Güvenpark Monument. 37 meters high bronze figures AtaturkThis monument, which commemorates , his companions during the War of Independence and Anatolian farmers, has become the symbol of the park. On the base of the monument Mustafa Kemal AtatürkYou can see the famous saying of "Turk, Eat, Work, Trust".

Güvenpark is dazzling with its lush green lawns and neat flower beds. There are many outdoor seating areas where you can take a walk, have a picnic or read a book. The park, which is a great option especially for families with children, allows young visitors to have fun with its large playgrounds.

Güvenpark is an ideal spot for everyone who wants to get away from the chaos of the city and be in touch with nature. you too AnkaraIf you go to , be sure to take time to explore Güvenpark's calm atmosphere and historical monuments. While walking in this park, you will enjoy encountering history and natural beauties.

Youth Park

AnkaraGenclik Park, one of the oldest and most loved city parks of Turkey, offers a fascinating experience to its visitors with its history and beauty. The park, which was opened in 1943 by landscaping a swamp area, is spread over a large area of ​​28 hectares.

Genclik Park is in a very central location as it is located in the Ulus district. Luna Park stands out as one of the favorite spots of the park. This amusement park, famous for its giant Ferris wheels, manages to be the center of attention of visitors of all ages.

Miniature trains, impressive sculptures and monuments moving through the park offer visitors an unforgettable travel experience. In addition, landscaped flower gardens surrounded by a 45.000 square meter ornamental pool offer a visual feast. Turkey's first science center is also located in Genclik Park. This center stands out as a must-visit place, especially for families with children.

Genclik Park is one of the rare city parks that brings together historical and natural beauties. Here you can walk, have a picnic, and have fun with your children. AnkaraIf you ever go to , we definitely recommend you to stop by Genclik Park.

Keçiören Waterfall

AnkaraKeçiören Waterfall, one of the public places of , attracts its visitors by offering a natural atmosphere even though it is artificial. This natural beauty, where you can get away from the noise of the city and find peace accompanied by the sound of waterfalls, is also a place where you can take wonderful photographs.

Keçiören Waterfall's terrace area can be the perfect getaway for the weekends. We can say that it is an ideal route for those who want to get away from the stress of the city and relax in a spacious environment. The cute cafe located at the top of the waterfall is AnkaraIt is a stop where you can enjoy while watching the view of . Here you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the region with a cup of coffee.

Keçiören Waterfall offers its visitors a unique experience with both its natural beauty and calmness. AnkaraIt is definitely a place worth seeing for those who want to touch nature instead of getting lost in the concrete streets of . For those who care about their personal development, being in touch with nature meditation It will be a perfect choice to relax and feel energized again.

Seymenler Park

AnkaraGood news for those who are bored with the crowded and stressful life of ! Seymenler Park offers breathing space with its location close to Çankaya Mansion. Ataturk Located between Boulevard and Iran Street, this lush park has a large area of ​​67.000 square meters.

Seymenler Park offers a pleasant experience to its visitors with its children's playground and grass area. Designed especially for children, the 171 square meter playground offers a safe area where they can relieve their energy. At the same time, it provides an ideal environment for those who want to have a picnic with its 46.418 square meters of grass area.

The walking trails in the park offer visitors breathtaking views of Atakule. You can renew your energy and watch the perfect view by walking on these trails. Seymenler Park also has landscape flower gardens. While walking around these gardens, you can enjoy the colorful flowers and stylish landscaping.

Another enjoyable activity offered by the park is the concerts and art events held in the amphitheater. Events held throughout the year include a variety of events such as book reading festivals, theaters and concerts. These events provide an enjoyable cultural experience for those who visit the park.

Seymenler Park, Ankara's live oxygen It is called a warehouse. With its lively atmosphere, fun playgrounds for children, natural beauties and cultural events, this park offers a perfect alternative for those who want to escape from city life. Discover Seymenler Park and AnkaraGet away from the stress of!

Karagol Nature Park

Ankara Located only 68 kilometers from the center, Karagöl Nature Park is a hidden paradise that every nature lover should definitely visit. This natural beauty, which is famous for the fascinating views of Karagöl of volcanic origin, also attracts attention with its vegetation that turns into a riot of colors.

Karagöl Nature Park offers an impressive example of plant diversity by hosting dozens of endemic plants unique to Turkey. It is possible to see every shade of nature here, from green to yellow. The park is also equipped with picnic areas, walking tracks and country gardens where tourists and locals can have peaceful moments in touch with nature.

Visitors who come to Karagöl Nature Park, especially in spring and autumn, witness a feast of nature photography. Photos taken with magnificent views fascinate everyone.

AnkaraEasily accessible from , this nature park is a perfect option for anyone who wants to take nature walks or have a pleasant picnic. To spend a day full of fresh air and natural beauty, you should definitely add Karagöl Nature Park to your list.

Karagöl Nature Park, where you can feel the peace embraced by nature, AnkaraOne of 's favorite natural areas. It is waiting to offer you unforgettable memories and beauties.

Liberation Park

AnkaraKurtuluş Park, one of the most popular city parks of Turkey, was put into service in 1980 and is one of the oldest parks in Turkey. This park, which draws attention with its central location in Çankaya district, AnkaraIt offers an excellent opportunity for those who want to get away from the stressful and busy daily life of .

Kurtuluş is spread over an area of ​​110.000 square meters with its large green area. The park, which was renovated in 2000, offers many opportunities to its visitors. While the park's 2000 square meter pool offers a cool shelter for those who want to cool off and relax, the 9000 square meter grass area provides an ideal environment for those who want to have a picnic or enjoy the sun.

One of the most important features of Kurtuluş Park is its 10.000 square meter picnic area. You can spend a pleasant day here with your family or loved ones on weekends, have a barbecue and enjoy nature. In addition, the 3000 square meter children's playground is designed for your children to play safely.

Kurtuluş Park, which also appeals to sports lovers, meets expectations with its well-equipped sports fields. If you like sports such as football, basketball or volleyball, you can have fun matches with your friends or your team here.

Liberation Park, AnkaraIt has easy accessibility as it is located in the center of . It is one of the ideal options to get away from the chaos of the city and spend time alone with nature. With its peaceful atmosphere and wide facilities, Kurtuluş Park offers an environment that will meet the expectations of people of all ages.

If you want to do sports on the weekend or be in touch with nature, you can choose Kurtuluş Park. Ankara Close to the center, it awaits you with its large green area and various activities.

The Dikmen Valley

AnkaraDikmen Valley, located in the Çankaya district of Turkey, appears as one of the most popular city parks of our country with its 107.000 square meters of green area. This area, which hosted slum areas in the past years, has now become a popular park.

Dikmen Valley creates the feeling of an oasis in the middle of the city with its magnificent natural areas filled with thousands of plant species. Dikmen Valley is an ideal place for those who want to get away from the busy crowd, with its flower gardens that reveal a riot of colors, eye-catching ornamental pools, refreshing ponds, pleasant walking paths, playgrounds where children can relieve their energy, and peaceful recreation areas.

It is possible to spend an unforgettable day in Dikmen Valley, which takes on a completely different beauty with the magnificent view of snowfall, especially in winter months. you too AnkaraIn the middle of , you can plan a trip to Dikmen Valley to get away from the noise of the city and meet the unique beauties of nature.

Dikmen Valley, AnkaraA place where you can breathe. We welcome you to this distinguished city park that promises a pleasant break surrounded by nature. Direct your route to Dikmen Valley right now and witness peaceful and relaxing moments by getting away from the chaos of city life.

Museums and Libraries

Turkish Presidential National Library

AnkaraThe Turkish Presidential National Library, located in the Yenimahalle district of Turkey, is one of the developed cultural centers of our capital. Offering easy access to the central points of the city, the library also draws attention with its proximity to the M1 and M2 metro lines. In addition, for those who prefer to come by bus, bus services with lines 169 and 339 make it easier to reach the library.

When you step into the library, it is impossible not to feel like you are in a different world. Large and comprehensive study areas offer an ideal environment for students and researchers. It also allows visitors to park their vehicles comfortably with its open and closed car parks.

The Presidential National Library of the Republic of Turkey stands out not only as a library but also as a cultural center. With its rich collection, quality service approach and modern facilities AnkaraIt has become an indispensable cultural stop in .

By visiting the Central Library, you can go on a journey full of information, do your research, or simply spend your time productively by reading a book in a quiet corner. The Presidential National Library of the Republic of Turkey welcomes everyone who wants to access information and improve themselves culturally.

Sea World

Sea World, owned by Keçiören Municipality, is a magnificent place that attracts the attention of museum enthusiasts and especially children. Moreover, entry is free! However, we recommend visiting on weekdays; because it can be quite crowded on weekends.

Various fish and reptiles exhibited in the museum allow children to enter the magical world. We strongly recommend that you take photos with your children in the specially designed aquarium corridor. This is a great opportunity to immortalize this moment!

At the end of the museum tour, the cafe inside is a perfect place to review the day and have a pleasant time. You can be sure that it will please you and your loved ones with its spacious atmosphere and delicious snacks.

Sea World stands out as a museum that offers both an entertaining and educational experience. This museum, which will nourish your children's sense of curiosity, gives them the chance to explore the depths of the seas. With free entrance, you can have a pleasant day without shaking your family budget.