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Places to Visit in Bingöl

Places to Visit in Bingöl
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Places to Visit in Bingöl

TurkeyBingöl, one of the undiscovered treasures of Turkey, contains deep traces of history and unique natural beauties. This city, which is worth exploring in every aspect, appeals to both history buffs and nature lovers. Bingöl dates back to B.C. These are lands that date back to 5000 BC and where many civilizations such as the Urartians and Hittites once ruled. As you extend from the city center to the districts, you will encounter many historical treasures as well as the extraordinary beauties offered by nature.

Located at the foothills of Kurucadağ, one of the favorite places of winter tourism, Yolçatı Ski Center and Hesarek Ski Center promise visitors an unforgettable winter holiday. In addition to winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, you can refresh your soul and body with trekking tours by exploring Sülbüs Mountain, Satan Mountain and Şerafettin Mountains.

Floating Islands Natural Monument, one of the hidden paradises, is one of the rare natural wonders in the world and should definitely be on your list of places to see in Bingöl. At the same time, the region offers ideal places for picnics with its natural areas such as Peri Suyu Stream, the legendary Çır Waterfall and Çevrimpınar Stream. You can spend a day in touch with nature, enjoying this peaceful atmosphere during your trip to Bingöl.

Bingöl is famous not only for its stunning views but also for its healthy spring waters. Horhor and Kos thermal springs offer healing resources to visitors with their mineral-rich waters. A getaway in these hot springs will not only relieve your fatigue accumulated throughout the year, but will also be good for a number of health problems.

Travel Destinations of Bingöl

Offering a perfect combination of history, nature and health tourism, Bingöl welcomes you with a different beauty in every season. Do not wait any longer to plan your trip to Bingöl with the city's hidden history, respect for nature and health-giving natural resources. This unique city invites you to the magic palace of nature and history.

the Solh

Solhan, one of the jewels of Bingöl, takes its visitors on an irreversible time journey with all its rich historical texture and natural beauties. Only an hour away from Bingöl center, this precious district, which has hosted many civilizations, offers an ideal getaway for history buffs and nature lovers.

Bearing the traces of history in every corner, Solhan rises in the lands where historical heritages such as Hittite, Urartu, Assyrian, Med, Persian and Ottoman civilizations prevail, and it literally takes those who see it into a time capsule. The mystical atmosphere of the Floating Islands Natural Monument and the mysterious structure of the Zağ Cave are perfect for you to experience moments in touch with nature.

Summer is the best time to visit Solhan for nature walks and history tours. You can walk in the green plateaus on the outskirts of the district and discover ancient settlements and natural wonders dating back to prehistoric times. In particular, in 1916 Rus Şeref Square Martyrdom, built in memory of our martyrs who died for their country during the war, is a rare place where sadness and pride can be felt together.

If you want to feel history and find peace in nature, take a journey into the depths of Solhan, starting from Kaleköy on the edge of the Murat River. An unforgettable day trip will give you and your loved ones the opportunity to create unforgettable memories among the dusty pages of history.


Karlıova welcomes its visitors as one of the developing districts of Bingöl. This district, which can be easily reached by minibuses departing every hour from the city center, is approximately an hour away and has become a center of attraction for nature lovers. The district is surrounded by impressive mountain ranges such as Bingöl Mountain, Şerafettin Mountains, Satan Mountain and Kartal Mountain. These majestic mountains offer a perfect natural trail for nature sports enthusiasts at any time of the year.

Karlıova offers unforgettable experiences to its visitors by providing an ideal environment for nature activities such as trekking, mountain biking, camping, mountaineering and rock climbing. In the spring months, nature is adorned with green tones of color; In winter months, it creates a visual feast with its white cover.

Plateaus such as Kandil, Hirhal, Tavla and Mirgemir are among the main beauties of Karlıova that revive plateau tourism. Guided plateau tours during the hot summer months offer the opportunity to relax in the cool and clean air of these lush green regions.

Historical buildings such as Zuhurtepe Castle and Geloşkan Castle allow you to witness the mysterious past of Karlıova. The Cubic Cave, unique to the district, promises visitors magnificent photographs with its history dating back thousands of years.

Karlıova continues to welcome its guests with its natural beauties, rich history and activity opportunities. Taking a day to explore this unique district during your Bingöl trip will provide you with the opportunity to get to know the unique landscapes and cultural heritage of the region.


Yayladere, one of the districts of Bingöl full of natural wonders, is a rare place that brings its rich history and unspoiled natural beauties to visitors. This district, which hosts thousands of people with the Sülbüs Festival, traditionally held every year at the foot of Sülbüs Mountain, is a place for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Guided nature walks on Sülbüs Mountain, famous for its volcanic structure and impressive views, offer the opportunity to discover the mystical nature of Yayladere.

Kalkanlı Cave, which comes from the depths of history, is open to visitors with touristic tours accompanied by a professional guide, and the mysterious atmosphere of the cave is waiting to be discovered. Yayladere is also famous for its healing waters; Thermal springs, which are known to be good for health problems such as rheumatism and heart diseases, are frequent destinations for those seeking healing. Yayladere, with its unique natural resources, historical and cultural heritage; It is one of the proud corners of Bingöl that appeals to both the eye and the soul and promises an unforgettable experience.


Bearing traces of nature and dotted with oak and pine trees, Adaklı attracts the attention of nature lovers as one of the most striking spots in Bingöl. Located only an hour away from the city center, this historic district has hosted many civilizations throughout history, dating back to B.C. It is an ideal destination for those who want to witness its rich history dating back to 3000 years.

Adaklı, which is a perfect choice for adrenaline lovers with its heights and challenging roads, is perfect for activities such as trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing. While doing these sports, wandering among stone houses and artifacts bearing the traces of art and history offers a completely different experience. In particular, the Adaklı Fountain, which dates back to the Akkoyunlu period and has stone-carved sheep reliefs, is one of the must-see historical structures of the region.

Adaklı's cool plateaus and recreation areas are ideal for those who want to cool off and relax during the hot summer months. And of course, experiencing the flavors of Eastern Anatolia's rich culinary culture is another privilege to be tasted while in the region. Adaklı is a treasure waiting for its visitors to be discovered, with both its historical and natural beauties.


Kiğı, a district of Bingöl full of historical and natural beauties, is flooded with local and foreign tourists every year. Peri Suyu Stream and Özlüce Dam Lake, located around the district, offer perfect picnic and strolling areas for nature lovers. In Kiğı, known for its lush green plateaus, natural beauties such as Meydan, Kız and Dar Köprü Plateau are ideal for those who want to enjoy nature.

Kiğı is one of the central points of history and culture. In addition to natural wonders such as Çiçektepe Village Cave, the Kiğı Mosque from the Akkoyunlu period, the historical Selenk Bridge and the Mürsel Pasha Monument attract the attention of tourists. Additionally, Kiğı Castle whispers stories of the past to its enthusiasts.

Kiğı Nature, Culture and Honey Festival, held every year, provides guests with the opportunity to try and purchase the famous honey of the district, as well as local delicacies. Kiğı, which can be reached by minibuses operating from Bingöl center, offers a pleasant and discovery-filled route for holidaymakers. Remember, you can get the opportunity to get to know this rich cultural heritage closely by staying in Bingöl hotels.

Horhor Thermal Spring

Turkey's eastern regions are famous for their healing waters as well as natural beauties and cultural riches. Bingöl stands out as one of the provinces that embody all of these features. Horhor Thermal Spring, located in the Kiğı district of Bingöl, is considered one of the most popular health centers of the city. This spa has made a name for itself with its healing mineral waters and unique natural environment.

Kanireş Dam

Kanireş Dam, which has a special place among the eye-catching beauties of Bingöl, is located within the borders of Karlıova district and attracts attention as an indispensable escape point for nature lovers. Offering an ideal coolness for those who want to get away from the scorching heat of summer, the dam is only an hour away from the city center and stands out with its easy transportation. It is possible to capture photographs reflecting all the colors of nature in this region, which was designed as a recreation area and surrounded by hiking trails.

With its dazzling nature, Kanireş Dam Lake offers its guests the opportunity to have a picnic in lush green recreation areas, while also creating unforgettable moments for children. In these waters, where fishing is also popular, you can take advantage of the abundance of fish, go fishing with both a boat and a fishing rod, and get rid of daily stress in the peaceful atmosphere of the dam lake. Kanireş Dam, which is especially frequented by professional and amateur fishermen, is an important destination that contributes to Bingöl tourism with the various activity opportunities it offers.

Yolaçtı Kurucadağ Ski Resort

Bingöl, which has an important place in Turkey's ski tourism, opens its doors to visitors who are passionate about winter sports with Yolaçtı Kurucadağ Ski Center. Located at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, this center offers a holiday experience intertwined with natural beauties even during the busiest times of the winter season.

This wonderful ski resort, which can be reached with a half-hour minibus ride, hosts ski lovers from early December to the end of March. In addition to its unique snow views, the center, which has been in operation since 1988, improves its service quality every year as one of Turkey's well-established ski facilities.

Offering visitors the opportunity to watch and photograph the most beautiful forms of snow thanks to its 950-meter cable car, Yolaçtı Kurucadağ has slopes suitable for skiers of all levels. Professionals and novices, ski enthusiasts of all ages can have the chance to show off their skills on these tracks. Facilities where you can rent ski and snowboard equipment to meet your needs are at your service at any time of the day.

Restaurants and cafes, equipped with hot tea or delicious food options that you will need while enjoying the winter, enable visitors to complete their time at Yolaçtı Kurucadağ Ski Center in the most comfortable way. This pearl of Bingöl remains the perfect getaway for both day visits and longer winter holidays. Discover Yolaçtı Kurucadağ Ski Center to spend an unforgettable winter day with your children or friends.

Murat River

Murat River draws attention as one of the most important rivers of Eastern Anatolia with its magnificent nature. This river, flowing through lush green valleys, promises to satisfy the souls of its visitors with its length of 722 kilometers. Murat River, one of the lifeblood of the Euphrates River, has become the meeting point of those who love rafting within the borders of Bingöl province. Rafting events organized on this river, which is an indispensable address during the summer months, welcome people of all ages who are interested in water sports.

The ruins and castles around the Murat River that bear witness to ancient times offer unique opportunities for cultural tourism. The recreation areas next to the river provide visitors with the peace they are looking for as a natural breathing space. Calm water excursions with canoes and rowboats are ideal for you to create unforgettable memories in this fascinating nature of the river. This region, which is rich in biodiversity, has also become a frequent destination for nature photographers.

The majestic flowing waters of the Murat River also constitute one of the largest water resources of the region. With its basin area of ​​40.000 square kilometers, it is the source of life for both agriculture and the people living in the region. In addition to the cool waters of this river, many activities such as trekking, cycling and camping are offered for nature lovers. Murat River is a natural wonder that promises unique experiences intertwined with natural beauties.