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13 YouTube Channels for your cat

13 YouTube Channels for your cat
Guest Post

13 YouTube Channels for your cat

Home catsThey need stimulation outside of their daily nutrition and exercise routines. At this point, various YouTube channels for your cat can offer them an interactive and entertaining experience. We have compiled for you 13 YouTube channels that will allow your cat to have a pleasant time, including virtual hunting that will replace watching from the window, lullabies that it can sleep with, and videos about birds and rodents that will allow it to be in touch with nature.

1. Relax My Cat

Feelings such as getting away from the stress of the day and feeling like you are in front of a warm fireplace in rainy weather are important not only for us humans but also for our pets. We must not forget that our pets also need a stress-free environment. At this point, the Relax My Cat channel is the perfect solution for you to relax your cats and relieve them of stress.

The creators of the channel work diligently to ensure that your cats spend time with calming and relaxing content. Most of the videos consist of lullabies accompanied by lovely visuals, and judging by the comments, they are enjoyed equally by pets and their owners.

2. Paul Dinning

Cornwall is one of the UK's most beautiful cities and there are many opportunities to discover the unique beauty of nature. If you love nature and want to satisfy your curiosity about the life of birds, Paul Dinning's channel is just for you.

Paul Dinning is the owner of a channel that offers lots of content about bird life, creating a wonderful filming environment in the middle of the Cornwall wilderness. In this channel, whose videos usually last between 1 and 8 hours, birds demonstrate their daily routines. These videos reveal how birds eat, play, and perform their daily tasks. Especially if you have a cat at home, these videos can attract its attention and provide a fun experience.

3. Calm Your Cat

The health and happiness of our pets should always be a priority for us. Especially kedi It is of great importance to help our friends when they encounter situations such as stress, anxiety or illness. At this point, the channel called “Calm Your Cat” appears as a platform managed by experts.

To relieve your cat's stress or pregnancy This channel offers you calming music to cope with anxiety and depression. You can support your cat's recovery process by providing a relaxing atmosphere, especially after surgery or during the treatment process.

Calm Your Cat records hundreds of videos using binaural technology. These videos range in length from 9 to 15 hours and often feature subtle, immersive lullabies in an ambient or quiet classical style. These music help your cat calm down and help him find relaxation and peace.

You can follow the Calm Your Cat channel to ensure your cat's peace and protect its health. Videos carefully prepared by experts are an ideal option to reduce your cat's stress and offer it a peaceful environment.

Remember, your cat's happiness and health is in your hands. Calm Your Cat channel is waiting for you to support her.

4. Cat Games

This Channel: Playtime with Your Pets

We know that our pets, our cute friends at home, need games from time to time to have fun. However, there may be situations where we cannot always find time to play games. At this point, we would like to introduce a channel that will help you: This Channel.

This Channel offers videos that your cats can enjoy. The main content of Cat Games consists of videos featuring mice, birds, fish, butterflies, insects and similar creatures that your cats can "hunt". But keep in mind that for obvious reasons, it's best to play videos on an older tablet. In this way, your tablet will not be damaged while your cats have fun.

This Channel not only offers play videos for your cats, you can also find relaxing lullabies and “fun” videos about aquariums. There are also some DIY videos for pet owners. For example, you can learn how to make a hat for a cat from its own fur.

This Channel is exactly what you are looking for so that your cats can have fun and you can enjoy watching them. Discover this channel where games, entertainment and creativity come together and create an enjoyable time for your pet friends. Remember, This Channel is always with you!


TV BINI: The Old Man Offering the Entertainment You Need of cats channel

Maybe you have a cat or several at home and need new ideas to keep them entertained. TV BINI is a cat channel that serves exactly this. This fun channel offers endless entertainment for you and your cat with a variety of thematic playlists.

TV BINI's videos are usually about hunting mice, ants and spiders to encourage your cat's hunter instinct. There are also games where you have to unravel balls of yarn so that your cat gets excited and jumps towards the screen. There are also specially prepared videos to help your cat demonstrate fast and agile movements against laser snakes.

Another highlight of TV BINI is videos that simulate looking out the window. While sitting in front of the screen, your cat can watch squirrels running around in the trees, birds messing around and playing games with each other, or rabbits cutely eating grass. These types of videos allow your cat to exercise their brain and body by interacting with their natural environment.

In addition to providing unlimited entertainment for your cat, TV BINI also provides practicality for you. Even if you do not have toys specially prepared for your cat at home, you can keep your cat entertained by only needing a television or computer. It should also be noted that this channel has stress-reducing and peaceful effects on your cat.

6. Birder King

This channel has quickly gained popularity with its videos that fascinate cat and bird lovers. But there are many great videos not only for cats and birds, but also for our four-legged friends.

All videos are shot in 4K resolution and great care has been taken in scene design. Every detail has been considered and the playlists are conveniently divided into different categories to provide viewers with a unique experience. Examples of these categories include seasons, holidays, and certain animals. While you discover the beauties of nature on the Birder King channel, you can witness the cute and funny moments of our four-legged pets.

It doesn't end there! There are also current live broadcasts on the channel. No matter what time you are, you can witness the extraordinary moments of nature by participating in these live broadcasts at any time of the day. Because the details are carefully planned, the Birder King channel offers a special experience for every viewer.

If you are one of those who love cats and birds, the Birder King channel is just for you! Remember, we are just a click away from going on a journey into the unique world of cats and birds. If you want to see nature, the adventures of our cute friends and impressive stage designs, do not miss the videos of this channel.

While Birder King offers you a world full of fun, it will also dazzle you with its visual quality. Leave yourself in the arms of nature with this unique video channel and have a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

7.Best for Cats

Relaxing music videos for cats are perfect for stressed or nervous cats. These videos help your cat relax with carefully selected sounds and music. Thanks to long-term recordings, you can ensure that your cats sleep peacefully and pleasantly.

Playing catch awakens your cat's natural instincts and helps them expend their energy. By watching various catch game videos, you can keep your cat entertained and active.

In addition, there are hours of videos about different animals. Cats are curious about what's going on around them, and these videos attract their attention and help them explore. You can let your cats experience a little of the outside world by watching footage of animals such as mice, squirrels, chickens, ducklings, wild birds and fish.

These contents generally consist of long-term recordings and various 24-hour broadcasts are available. So, you may be surprised to see how long your cat can stay entertained with these videos!

8. CATS TV — Game for Cats

CATS TV, which can entertain cats for hours and appeals to cats of all ages, is a completely gaming channel that allows your pets to have a pleasant time with various objects on the screen. Laser pointers, ladybugs, lizards, balls, bugs and toys featured in this gaming channel are just a few examples of what is suggested to catch.

The videos are equipped with 3D sound effects that make the cats' playing experience more exciting and realistic. CATS TV allows cats to interact with their instincts while keeping them mentally and physically active. This game channel ensures that cats staying alone at home do not get bored, reduces their stress and helps them spend their energy.

CATS TV satisfies your cat's desire to catch toys while also having a fun time. If you don't have enough space at home or don't have time to constantly play with your cat, this gaming channel may be the perfect solution for you.

It is extremely important for your cats to exercise for a healthy and happy life. CATS TV entertains your pet while also supporting their health and well-being. If you're looking for a gaming channel for your cat, CATS TV might be right for you.


Although Cat Entertainment was initially designed only for cat owners, over time it has become a source of entertainment that not only entertains pets but also gives them an enjoyable time.

There are three basic types of Cat Entertainment's content. The first of these is music videos. These videos, prepared with cats' favorite songs, easily attract their attention and give them a pleasant experience. The second type is videos featuring birds, squirrels and other animals. Thanks to these videos, your pet can have a fun experience watching the movements of other animals in nature. Finally, games of catch are also very popular for cats. Cats are allowed to use their instinctive hunting abilities while trying to catch objects such as mice or balls that appear on the screen.

The videos usually last less than an hour, so you can choose these videos when you need to leave your pet alone for a while. You can also create a playlist by combining several videos or add a ready-made video directly.

10. CAT TV

One of the best sources of entertainment for our furry friends in our home is CAT TV. This platform, specially designed for cats, offers musical lullabies to accompany their sleep and relaxation processes. Observation videos showing real birds and other animals in parks help satisfy our cats' natural instincts.

CAT TV's most popular content includes various gaming videos. Games designed to stimulate our cats' hunting instincts allow them to get physical and mental exercise by allowing them to catch a single type of object. In addition, food options specially compiled for cats are also offered.

11.Red Squirrel Studios

Although Red Squirrel Studios is relatively small, it opens the doors of a world full of squirrels to the audience. On the channel, baby squirrels and their other neighbors living in the forest, the birds, give the audience enjoyable moments with their feeding, games and daily chores.

The most important feature of Red Squirrel Studios is that it offers viewers a wide range of content with more than a hundred videos. Eating squirrels, playing cats and graceful birds draw you into nature, allowing you to relax and have fun.

Red Squirrel Studios may be the indispensable address for those who want to have a pleasant time with your cat. After discovering Red Squirrel Studios, which attracts attention with its original content, your interest in the world of cats and squirrels will increase even more!

12. Awesome World

The creator of the channel luckily lives next to a forest. Every morning, you wake up to the chirping of birds and start the day with a unique ambience of nature. He decided to share this experience with people who do not have the opportunity to be this close to nature. He carefully prepares his videos by using high-quality microphones and shooting them in 4K resolution in order to best reflect all the beauties of nature.

While these videos offer viewers the chance to witness the sounds of nature in person, they also provide a visually fascinating experience. Even city dwellers will enjoy stepping into a magical world with this natural atmosphere and wonderful views.

13. Patsy's Garden

This relatively new channel stands out with its ad-free content featuring cute creatures like funny squirrels and birds. In addition to the videos set in the authors' garden, the presence of generous treats adds a real atmosphere to the recorded content. Thanks to stereo microphones and 4K HDR cameras, everything is recorded in the highest quality.

But Patsy's Garden is more than just a garden. On the canal, you can even take virtual walks with dogs in beautiful forests in different weather conditions. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enjoy nature and animals!

Patsy's Garden is a channel established to provide maximum pleasure and quality content. If you like to spend time in touch with nature, you should definitely follow this channel. Grab your warmth and tea, Patsy's Garden is waiting for you!