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What is American Blow Dry? How To?

What is American Blow Dry? How To?
Guest Post

What is American Blow Dry? How To?

One of the indispensable things for every woman is undoubtedly to always have well-groomed and dazzling hair. American blow dry, which is frequently preferred by many women, especially those with curly hair, due to the difficulty of its care, is a hairdressing process that ensures that the hair remains straight without being damaged despite bathing.

American blow dry is known as a hair styling method applied especially using a hot air brush. The process allows the hair to be straightened according to its characteristics, with the help of a special primer applied to the hair and then a blow dryer. Thus, with its air humidifying feature, it makes the hair look brighter and smoother.

Unlike other hair straightening methods, American blow dry offers a practical solution as it can be done after bathing. This process also protects the health of the hair because the use of high temperatures is minimized and chemical ingredients are not used.

American blow dry can be confused with Brazilian blow dry over time. However, there are important differences between the two blow drying processes. Brazilian blow dry is a more intense process used to straighten especially curly and fluffy hair. American blow dry, on the other hand, is a lighter process and aims to straighten the hair while preserving its natural appearance. In addition, while the internal structure of the hair changes in the Brazilian blow dry, there is no such change in the American blow dry.

So, how to do a good American blow dry? Whether you get it done at a professional hairdresser or apply it at home, you need to follow some basic steps of the American blow dry. These; Washing the hair well, applying a special primer to the hair, and using a hot air brush for straightening. By following these steps correctly, you can achieve the result you want.

American Blow Dry

What is American Blow Dry?

Our hair plays an important role in our appearance. Healthy and well-groomed hair always provides a stylish and confident appearance. However, there may be times when our hair is not what we think it is. Curly, fluffy or wavy hair can create an undesirable appearance and make us uncomfortable. In this case, the American blow dryer comes into play.

American blow dry is a process performed using professional hair care materials. By creating a new layer on the hair, it allows us to achieve a straight appearance for a long time. This application, which does not contain any chemicals like Brazilian blow dry, straightens the hair without damaging its natural structure and provides a healthier appearance.

So, how is the American blow dry applied? The process begins with cleaning and drying the hair. Then, straightening is done by gently pressing the hair strands with a special ironing tool. At this stage, the hair is exposed to high temperatures, so the procedure should be done by a professional hairdresser.

How to Do an American Blow Dry?

To apply special care to your hair and give it a silky appearance, American blow dry may be just the process you are looking for. This method, which will be applied by your professional hairdresser, provides straightening without damaging your hair and allows you to dazzle in any environment.

Before the procedure, your hair is washed twice with a special shampoo, so that your hair is completely cleaned and ready for application. Your hairdresser determines the care methods your hair needs and selects the materials to be used. If you see signs of damage in your hair, protein spray can be applied. However, if you have healthy hair, you can proceed directly to the application.

American keratin liquid lotion is used during the process and this lotion is applied homogeneously to each area of ​​your hair. Then your hair is dried with a blow dryer. When a straightener is applied to your dry hair, the molecules in the liquid lotion are activated. In this way, your hair gains a straighter and smoother appearance.

After all these processes are completed, your hair is blow dried and the straightening is made permanent. Your burnt and damaged hair gets a healthy and vibrant look thanks to the American blow dryer. Now you can dazzle in any environment.

Can you do an American Blow Dry at Home?

American blow dry is a popular hair styling method that adds volume and waves to the hair. This technique, preferred by many women today, is a procedure that must be applied in a professional environment, with special formulas and by experts. Therefore, doing an American blow dry at home is definitely not recommended as it can cause serious damage to your hair.

American blow dry allows many women to have wavy and voluminous hair, which is their dream. However, performing this procedure at home may have serious consequences. Doing an American blow dry without preparing your hair correctly, using appropriate products, and approaching it in a professional manner can permanently damage your hair. Blow drying, especially with high heat, can damage the hair structure, weaken the hair strands and cause breakage.

Having an American blow dry at a professional hair salon is a safer option for your hair health. Experts will evaluate the structure and needs of your hair and style your hair using specially prepared products. In this way, you can protect your hair health while giving your hair the look you want.

How Long Does American Blow Dry Last on Hair?

It has become a trend in recent years and has taken its place among the most preferred hairstyles by women. However, many people wonder how permanent this application is. Here's what you need to know about the permanence of the American blow dry...

Unlike other blow drying processes, it gives a long-lasting result. However, the permanence time may vary depending on your hair type and the quality of the products used. If you have straight and thin hair, you can have smooth and shiny hair as a result of the American blow dryer. In this case, your hair can maintain its shape for about four months.

However, one thing you should pay attention to is whether the natural structure of your hair is suitable for an American blow dry. If you have curly or wavy hair, the longevity of the American blow dry may be slightly shorter. In this case, your hair may start waving or curling again after a period of perhaps three months.

To increase its longevity, you should perform the recommended maintenance regularly. You can maintain the moisture balance of your hair by using moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and serums. You can also protect your hair against the effects of high temperatures by using heat protective sprays.

Remember, it is important to provide regular care and protection after the American blow dry application. By consulting an expert before the application, you can find out whether your hair is suitable for an American blow dry and increase your chances of obtaining a more permanent result.

What are the harmful effects of American Blow Dry?

This method, preferred by many people who want to have smooth and straight hair, has a high rate of hair loss. keratin It minimizes the risk of damaging the hair due to its content. It allows you to achieve the desired result without causing any damage to the scalp or its surface.

However, it is important to pay attention to some factors in order to apply the American blow dry in a healthy and safe way. Factors such as the quality of the products used and the professionalism of the place where you get your blow dry can have an impact on the results and hair health.

Being selective about product quality and choosing products from reliable brands can prevent unnecessary chemicals from damaging your hair. Likewise, having an experienced and expert team at the place where you get your blow dry can prevent undesirable results.

Research on the harmful effects of American blow dryers shows that keratin-based treatments do not harm the hair in the long term. However, since every hair structure is different, it is important to consult a professional opinion to achieve a healthy result.

What are the ingredients?

The quality of the materials used in this method and correct application are important. American blow dryer, which falls into the professional category, gives your hair a more voluminous and smooth appearance, while also protecting your hair and providing a long-lasting effect. Here are the American blow dry ingredients:

  1. Protective Gloves: The high temperatures used during an American blow dry can damage your hair. Therefore, gloves are important to protect your hands from possible burns. At the same time, thanks to gloves, you can move more easily while applying it to your hair.
  2. American Keratin Liquid Lotion: Keratin is an important component for hair health. Keratin liquid lotion used during the American blow dry process provides extra moisture and shine to your hair. It also protects the hair strands and makes the hair softer and smoother after straightening.
  3. American Blow Dry Shampoo and Mask: The special shampoo and mask used after the American blow dry protect your hair against damage and repair the damage caused by the straightening process. These products provide a longer-lasting straightening effect to your hair while also helping your hair stay healthy.
  4. Professional Blow Dryer: The professional blow dryer used for American blow drying provides a stronger airflow and temperature setting. In this way, it dries your hair quickly and helps you give it the shape you want.
  5. Hair Straightener with Titanium Plates: A product to use to straighten your hair after an American blow dry. hair straightener, titanium Must have plates. These plates give your hair a neater and smoother appearance and at the same time do not damage the hair strands.
  6. Tongs and Comb: You can use curling irons and a comb to make your hair styled with an American blow dryer even more impressive. You can give your hair waves or curls with the curling iron, and you can easily shape your hair into the shape you want with the comb.

The ingredient list includes the basic equipment needed to protect, straighten and style your hair. You can ensure that these materials are used correctly and effectively by leaving your job to experts. To get the best results from applying an American blow dry to your hair, you can protect your hair and get the look you want by choosing professional products.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Do an American Blow Dry?

With a customized keratin formula applied to the hair, it ensures that the hair has a straight and smooth appearance. So, how long does it take to do an American blow dry?

The application is usually done by expert hairdressers and takes approximately 90 minutes. This time may vary depending on the length and density of the hair. While the duration may be shorter for those with shorter or sparser hair, the duration may be longer for those with long and thick hair.

The application provides permanent straightening by changing the natural structure of the hair. Therefore, during the process, expert hairdressers carefully apply the keratin formula to each section of the hair and then shape the hair with a special straightening tool. This process ensures that the hair gains a straight and smooth appearance.

After application, your hair is easier to comb and looks brighter and healthier. However, the effect of the application may differ from person to person. Since every hair type and structure is different, the level of straightening and smoothness in the hair may vary after the American blow dry application.