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Enpara Credit Card Features

Enpara Credit Card Features
Guest Post

Enpara Credit Card Features

While banks become an integral part of our lives; All users are looking for banks where they can make transactions in the easiest and most cost-free way. Enpara credit card is one of the leading systems in this regard.

Enpara credit card Its features are one of the most curious questions among users. First of all, let's start our article by giving detailed information about what Enpara is.

What is Enpara?

As technology develops, people have begun to access all transactions through technology that they can access through institutions or people in daily life, and the demand for this subject is gradually increasing. Technology; While it was also integrated into bank transactions, it can be said that one of the most prominent systems in this regard was systems. If we need to briefly define Enpara; Established through QNB Finansbank, it is called a digital bank where users can handle all their transactions through digital transactions, has no branches anywhere in the world, and offers its customers a cost-free service that will remain in effect forever.

What are the Features of Enpara Credit Card?

  1. The best and first feature that can be said about the Enpara credit card is that it does not charge any annual membership fee, card usage fee or dues.
  2. Enpara; shopping with credit cardIn addition to basic transactions such as cash advance and payment transactions, it also offers the opportunity to carry out transactions such as invoices, Turkish Lira top-ups to mobile phones, and tax payments, free of charge.
  3. You can also make your automatic payment orders through the Enpara system.
  4. You have the right to make transactions immediately after receiving your anonymous debit card.
  5. The card you want will be sent to the address of your account card and credit card in your name within exactly 4 business days.
  6. Enpara credit card limit, It is created by taking into account each customer's monthly net income, payment habits, other open credit and credit card limit criteria.
  7. The Enpara system does not have any branches; Although it is thought that there will be difficulties in depositing and paying money, you can easily do it through your digital account or you can carry out all transactions with Encard from QNB Finansbank ATMs.
  8. A total of 90 Turkish Liras per day can be made contactless shopping without using a password, using contactless credit cards and POS devices with contactless payment features.
  9. EFT fees have become a transaction that is charged with high fees, especially in normal banks. This process, which has become a burden for users, is free of charge as there is no fee charged in the Enpara system. For this reason, credit card transactions You have the right to make EFTs up to 100.000 TL.
  10. Problems experienced in foreign exchange transactions at other banks have been minimized thanks to the advantages of Enpara. For example; It will be very easy for you to buy and receive foreign currency online in the Enpara system, which has a very low spread in foreign exchange buying and selling. The deduction you will experience when you perform this transaction in normal banks Enpara system You will not live with.



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