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Developments About Facebook Access Restriction

Developments About Facebook Access Restriction
Guest Post

With the active use of technology in human life, social media applications have also become very popular. Social media applications that allow interaction from one end of the world to the other provide services not only in communication but also in many areas. Continuing to be actively used for many years Facebook It also has dozens of services for its users, especially interaction. Facebook company also owns applications such as Whatsapp and Instagram, which are the most widely used applications in the world. For this reason, it has millions of active users around the world.

What is Facebook?

Facebookis a website founded by Mark Zuckerberg in February 2004. Founded under the name The Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, who was studying at Harvard University, this site was created for students at Harvard University to connect among themselves. As a result of his rapid popularity, he was able to drop out of Harvard University. Today, Facebook, which is the common address of millions of users, has started to be used not only as a website but also as an application on phones.

Facebook's Development Process

In the Facebook project, which initially started to create connections between students; Items such as notes, status updates, video and photo sharing were also included. This situation led to the emergence of the concept of social media sharing platform (sitsi). Then reached 2.85 billion users. Facebook It attracted the attention of not only personal users but also many small and large companies that wanted to promote and advertise their products. In this way, Facebook generates $85.96 billion of its revenue from this service. The access problem has been on the agenda recently. Facebooklost 7 million dollars due to the access problem on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, which lasted approximately 60 hours. Mark Zuckerbeg, the company's CEO, lost $7 million during this period.

Why Was Facebook Access Restricted?

Widely used around the world; Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram applications have become the focus of great attention due to the access restriction. According to the statements made by network monitoring companies, Facebook made changes to its network routing information on Monday morning. He stated that this change caused an impact on domain name system servers, making DNS servers unusable. It is thought that this situation prevents access to the company's services.

In addition, when the WHOIS query was made, the Facebook domain account appeared to be for sale, which brought to mind the possibility of a cyber attack. However, according to the New York Times, officials in Facebook's security service stated that the possibility of a cyber attack causing the access restriction was very low. At the same time, CNBC television stated that Facebook has experienced the biggest and longest-lasting problem since 2008. During the access restriction, Telegram announced that it had gained 50 million new members, and the White House was also involved in the incident. White House spokesperson Psaki signaled the current regulations to come by stating that the regulations used by Facebook and Facebook-affiliated applications are flawed. Also PSaki, more than 1.5 billion Facebook He also stated that the user's personal and private information started to be sold on a hacker forum as a result of cyber attacks. This does not change the fact that although the company says there is no cyber attack, the possibility of a cyber attack is still strong.



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