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What is Einkorn?

What is Einkorn?
Guest Post

What is Einkorn?

Many of us have heard the name Einkorn, but we do not know exactly what it is. It has been recommended by healthy nutrition experts in recent years. What is einkorn? Why is it so important?  Einkorn has 14 chromosomes and is the ancestor of the world's first wheat. To this day, it is produced as flour and bulgur without spoiling its structure.

According to research, Einkorn is more durable than wheat and has a higher content. Einkorn, which is more resistant to difficult climatic conditions than other grains, is recommended by many dietitians and healthcare professionals. Vitamin It has more vitamins than other wheat types.

Siyez Morocco, France Yugoslavia and TurkeyIt is produced in . It was produced from the Triticum boeoticum species and was domesticated in a way from wild wheat. However, Einkorn, which never loses its naturalness, takes the first place in healthy nutrition compared to wheat.

Where Does Einkorn Grow?

Einkorn is grown in Kastamonu province of our country.. Apart from preserving its own culture thanks to its hard shells, einkorn is not available in every province as it is quite difficult to collect and sort it. It doesn't mean that it won't grow alone. Einkorn loves cold weather and Kastamonu has a very suitable climate for it.

Why Do Healthcare Professionals Recommend Einkorn?

We can say that this is only due to gluten. Because Einkorn contains a very small amount of gluten. This is already natural gluten. It would not be accurate to say that einkorn is completely gluten-free. For this reason, especially celiac patients should be careful when using Einkorn flour and bulgur.

If you do not have any problems, Einkorn is an incredible nutritional source for you. einkorn GDO It is also preferred in this regard. Because we know that the genetics of Einkorn have not changed.

Therefore, it does not contain GMOs. Besides these iron, zinc comic vitamins more in einkorn. And most importantly, Einkorn is a local, heirloom seed.

Benefits of Einkorn

The benefits of Einkorn grown in Kastamonu province, which we can consume in foods such as flour, bread and tarhana, are countless, but let us share some of them with you;

  • It has a low Glycemic index, meaning it keeps your sugar at a moderate level.
  • Protein It is rich in terms of Therefore, it accelerates the metabolism.
  • It is good for those with constipation problems, thanks to its high fiber.
  • It protects from colon cancer.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • contains Vitamin B sebebiyle sinir ve sindirim sistemine iyi gelir,
  • It increases breast milk,
  • Folic acid It is a source of healing for those who want to get pregnant and those who are pregnant,



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