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What are the Causes of Heavy Sleeping (Hypersomnia)?

What are the Causes of Heavy Sleeping (Hypersomnia)?
Guest Post

What are the Causes of Heavy Sleeping (Hypersomnia)?

Sleep is necessary for our body to renew its energy, regain its activities and maintain the physical and mental strength within us.

But sometimes it happens that our sleep suffers from many inconveniences and problems and is not good. One of the problems that can affect our sleep is heavy sleep. We can define heavy sleep by comparing it with light sleep, because heavy sleepers often have difficulty waking up even if they sleep in a noise-filled environment. Light sleepers are the category of people who quickly wake up from their sleep at the slightest sound coming from near them. Although many people have normal sleeping weight, or at least see it that way, others do not normalize it.

Causes of Heavy Sleeping

There are several reasons that can cause heavy sleepiness in a person or prevent them from getting the normal sleep they are used to, these include:

  1. Fatigue and exhaustion that a person may experience is one of the first reasons that can be said about the reasons for heavy sleep.
  2. Staying awake at night and therefore sleeping during the day also causes heavy sleep, plus people who sleep during the day often need more hours of sleep than those who sleep at night.
  3. Abuse of any drug is one of the main causes of heavy sleep.
  4. Excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes causes the person to sleep heavier than usual.
  5. Those who are obese and spend most of their time without any movement or physical activity are more likely to have heavy sleepers.
  6. Some neurological disorders, such as people with restless legs syndrome, suffer from heavy sleep.
  7. Those suffering from fatigue, psychological stress and depression are also prone to severe sleep disorders.
  8. Anemia is one of the causes of heavy sleep because a person iron, vitamin and have a mineral deficiency, causing the body to need more sleep than other healthy people.
  9. People suffering from diseases such as paralysis and bleeding in the head and brain are prone to heavy sleep.
  10. Some people have this genetic disorder and have no other cause for their heavy sleepiness.
  11. Hormonal disruptions in the body can also be the cause of heavy sleep.
  12. Some other studies suggest that intense activities in the brain before bedtime are responsible for heavy sleep. It is reported that all humans have an active brain during sleep, but some more than others. Thus, the brain is engaged in intense mental activities that are less susceptible to external influences.
  13. Lifestyle may be one of the reasons for heavy sleep. Those who eat dinner just before going to bed, use electronic devices in bed, and therefore have their eyes exposed to its rays may suffer from heavy sleep.
  14. Thyroid disorders also cause heavy sleep.
  15. Other causes include sleep addiction, some hormonal changes in the body, and the effects of some medications.

Treatment of Heavy Sleep

Often, people suffering from heavy sleep are semi-dependent on sleep, or at least sleep more than others in a heavy sleep state. Therefore, treatment of this problem is necessary, treatment can be according to the following forms.

Ignore Status

True, this is not a cure, but it is one of the options. Generally, the causes of heavy sleep are not specifically known, and a study published in the Medical Journal of Sleep in 2007 found that people who suffered from heavy sleep for several years, where the study was based on observing the condition, continued to maintain them in a state of stability for long periods of time, but suddenly It has been observed that in this case, an improvement occurs and the intensity of deep sleep decreases. This led the study authors to conclude that this condition is a temporary phenomenon for people and that recovery may occur automatically over time.

medical drug therapy

Treatment with herbal medicines and medicinal drugs for this condition is mainly done with drugs that stimulate the nervous system, which are used to reduce the deep sleep state experienced by a person and thus alleviate it. Such drugs usually show a good effect in humans. However, some of these drugs have obvious side effects that differ from each drug to the next.

Light therapy

Heavy sleep and sleep disorders in general can be affected by the body's rhythms and these rhythms can be controlled by exposing the body to light, so phototherapy may be helpful in relieving heavy sleep. A study dating back to 2002 that treated people with seasonal disorders such as winter depression and addiction to sleeping in cold weather found that people exposed to light during sleep did not experience difficulty sleeping. They had more energy when they woke up and in the morning.

It is worth noting that deep sleep condition or disorder can be diagnosed as a single case in a person, or it can be a symptom of another condition or accompanied by other sleep disorders, and this case can be treated with any of the treatments we mentioned. The results here do not have to be specific, because even with medication or other treatments there may not be any improvement in the condition, as we mentioned, the condition may be the result of a genetic factor in the person.

Since it is not considered a health disorder or a chronic disease problem and can be adapted with some simple life changes, if any of these treatment methods do not work, there is no need to worry and fear and it is advisable to try to adapt to it.