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What is Cancer? Definition, Types and Treatment Methods

What is Cancer? Definition, Types and Treatment Methods
Guest Post

Today, developments and research in the medical field have led to significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. However, cancer still remains one of the most important problems threatening human health. Cancer is a disease in which cells grow and multiply abnormally, disrupting the body's normal functions. So, what is cancer, what are its types and what do the treatment methods include? Here are the details…

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that occurs when cells that normally divide regularly proliferate uncontrollably and rapidly as a result of genetic damage. These cells disrupt the function of healthy cells and can cause tumors to form in the body. Tumors can be classified as benign (benign) or malignant (malignant). While benign tumors generally do not spread to surrounding tissues and grow slowly, malignant tumors can spread to surrounding tissues and spread to different parts of the body, this process is called metastasis.

Types of Cancer

Cancer can start in different parts of the body and spread to various organs. Therefore, there are different types of cancer:

  1. Carcinoma: It is a type of cancer arising from epithelial cells in the body. It is the most common type of cancer and can occur in organs such as breast, lung, prostate and intestine.
  2. sarcoma: It is a type of cancer arising from connective tissue, muscles or bones. Sarcomas usually begin in bones, muscles, or fatty tissue.
  3. Leukemia: It is cancer originating from white blood cells in the blood or bone marrow. Leukemia affects blood production and can weaken the body's defenses.
  4. lymphoma: It is a type of cancer arising from lymph system cells. It can cause swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, and weight loss.
  5. myeloma: It is a type of cancer that arises from plasma cells in the bone marrow. It is associated with pain in bones, fractures and the risk of infection.

Cancer Treatment Methods

Cancer treatment may vary depending on the type of cancer, its stage and the patient's general health condition. Basic cancer treatment methods are:

  1. Surgical: It is a surgery performed to remove the tumor. It is often preferred in early stage cancers.
  2. Radiotherapy: It is aimed to kill cancer cells or stop their growth with high-energy rays.
  3. Chemotherapy: It is aimed to destroy cancer cells in the body through drugs. It is often used in common cancers.
  4. Targeted Therapy: Drugs that treat cancer cells by targeting specific targets are used. Side effects may be less.
  5. Immunotherapy: It is a treatment method that encourages the immune system to fight cancer. It may increase the immune response against cancer cells.

Cancer is a serious disease that occurs as a result of abnormal growth and spread of cells. Different types of cancer can develop in different organs and tissues. Today, various methods such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy are used in cancer treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment play a critical role in reducing the effects of cancer and improving quality of life. It is of great importance not to neglect regular health checks to protect your health and reduce risk factors.