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What are the symptoms of tick bite?

What are the symptoms of tick bite?
Guest Post

What are the symptoms of tick bite?

First of all, it is necessary to look at what the tick is. It is an animal that is more frequently encountered in places where trees are dense. In other words, there are plenty of wooded areas and there are parasitic animals that choose humans or animals to live on them. kene It is called.

Although their sizes vary, they can swell and grow by sucking the blood of the hosts they live on. Colors may vary slightly. They can be reddish, black and a mixture of brown and black. Ticks with four legs are adults, while ticks with three legs are larvae.

How Do We Understand A Tick Bite?

Since ticks are parasitic creatures, they continue to live by remaining fixed in that area when they bite their hosts. They may prefer hairy, moist and warm areas to bite. Tick ​​bites can be harmless most of the time, but it is also possible to encounter bacteria and viruses.

Since these creatures feed by sucking blood, they secrete toxic They can cause various nervous system disorders due to secretion. Besides nairovirus carrying ticks, Crimea It may cause you to catch the disease called Congo Hemorrhagic Fever. So, what are the most common symptoms of this tick bite?

-If you feel the presence of a living creature fixed on your body, this is one of the most important symptoms of a tick bite. Symptoms of a tick bite may vary depending on whether the tick is harmful or harmless.

-It may cause severe pain in your head.

-If you have nausea, this may be a sign of a tick bite.

-Increase in your temperature

-Redness, rash or swelling at the point where the tick bite occurred

-Weakness that may occur in the body

-Muscle and joint pains

-Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, which is one of the most severe diseases caused by swollen lymph nodes and ticks, is seen as the most dangerous of these symptoms. When infected with this disease, in addition to high fever and other symptoms, bleeding may occur in places such as the eyes, under the skin and in the nose.

What is the Tick Bite Treatment Method?

If a tick bite is noticed, the main task to be done is to remove the tick from the body. It is also produced specifically for ticks. smocks are available and thanks to these kits, it will be possible to easily remove the tick from the point where it attaches.

Those who do not have this kit should go to the nearest hospital institution. Tick ​​removal should be done by starting from the inner part of the skin and applying pressure. During this method, it is important not to bend or break the tick.

The cleaned area should not contain any parts of the tick. The area where the bite occurred should be cleaned with plenty of soapy water.

Afterwards, the tick must be placed in an antibacterial liquid to ensure its detection. Although tick bites are not fatal in some cases, they can cause Lyme or Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, depending on the type of tick that bites. to fatal diseases It can go right.



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