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What is Abortion?

What is Abortion?
Guest Post

What is Abortion?

Abortion is a frequently discussed issue that causes controversy in many countries. TurkeyIn Turkey, abortion is legal. However, this means that there are some restrictions on abortion.

This procedure, called "induced abortion" in the medical literature, refers to the termination of pregnancy for desired reasons. Abortion can be performed using surgical methods or abortion pills. This procedure is a medical procedure and can be performed safely using methods supported by scientific evidence.

Is Abortion Legal in Turkey?

Although abortion is legal, there are certain restrictions in Turkey. Abortions performed beyond a certain period of pregnancy are not legal unless there is a medical necessity. The legal time limit may vary depending on the duration of pregnancy and factors that may affect the mother's health. Additionally, abortion must be performed in health institutions and by experts.

The issue of abortion can cause controversy among individuals with different views and beliefs in society. Some religions or social norms may oppose abortion. However, according to the law, women have the right to decide over their own bodies. Therefore, the decision to have an abortion is made entirely between the mother and the doctor.

To summarize, abortion is a legal procedure in Turkey. However, there are certain restrictions and it is important to take into account local laws. In order for abortion to be performed safely, it is recommended that it be performed by expert healthcare personnel. Women's decision-making authority over their bodies and medical evaluation should be prioritized.

Reasons to Have an Abortion

Having an abortion is a difficult option for a woman to decide on, and the reasons vary. There are multiple reasons valid for each.

A study has revealed that most women have more than one reason. Among them:

  1. Economic reasons: 40% of women think that it would be difficult to financially care for a child. They may not choose to have children, thinking that their financial resources are limited.
  2. Timing: 36% of women think that it is not yet the right time to have a baby. They may want to postpone pregnancy for reasons such as career goals, education or living conditions.
  3. Partner Relationship: 31% of women state that their decisions also concern their partners. Unless they agree with their partner pregnancy They may not want to make a decision about it.
  4. Focus on Other Children: 29% of women may want to give up pregnancy in order to devote more time and energy to their current children. They may consider this option in order to provide a better future for existing children.
  5. Future Opportunities: 25% of women feel that pregnancy or having children could hinder their future opportunities. They may choose to have an abortion so they can focus on their career, education or other goals.
  6. Emotional Unpreparedness: 19% of women feel that they are not emotionally ready for pregnancy and motherhood. In this case, they may choose to avoid having children.

However, in some cases, abortion is also necessary for health reasons. These may include:

  1. Genetic Problems: If there are hereditary or genetic abnormalities with the baby, abortion may be preferred.
  2. Maternal Health: In some cases, continuing the pregnancy may threaten the mother's health. For example, a woman who needs treatment for a life-threatening cancer may have to terminate a pregnancy.
  3. Medical Condition: Rarely severe preeclampsia Medical conditions such as may require termination of pregnancy.

Having an abortion is definitely a personal decision, and each woman's preferences and reasons may be different. Since these reasons are valuable and respected, it is important for women to make the best decision based on their own health and living conditions.

Until How Many Months Can Abortion Be Performed?

Abortion can be performed up to the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. However, experts state that the optimal time interval is 5 to 7 weeks. When the gestation period exceeds 10 weeks (2,5 months), abortion is no longer possible. During this period, no procedures are performed, as the baby develops and revives further. Therefore, pregnancy termination cannot be performed beyond this period. Once the decision to have an abortion is made, it is important to see a specialist as soon as possible. We recommend that you consult a doctor to get more information about the abortion procedure or to make a decision at the right time. Remember, having accurate information about the pregnancy period is important for your health and life.

Will the Pregnancy Test Be Positive After Abortion?

Taking a pregnancy test after an abortion is important to check whether the pregnancy has ended completely. It is usually recommended that you perform this test 3-4 weeks after the abortion. Because after an abortion, there may still be pregnancy hormone in the body and it may decline quickly.

Standard pregnancy tests sold in pharmacies may not detect this condition accurately. That's why doctors prefer special types of pregnancy tests. These tests can more accurately detect pregnancy hormones, which may still test positive after an abortion.

If the pregnancy test taken 3-4 weeks after the abortion is still positive, you should definitely consult the doctor where you had the abortion. Your doctor will determine whether the pregnancy has ended completely by performing the necessary checks.

Regardless of your pregnancy test result, it is important to maintain communication with your doctor after your abortion. In this way, you can keep your health under control and take additional precautions when necessary.