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Harms of Using Fake Sunglasses

Harms of Using Fake Sunglasses
Guest Post

Sunglasses are preferred both as a complementary accessory in terms of style and to protect the eyes from harmful sun rays. However, fake sunglasses are offered for sale in markets and online platforms, and there are serious harms in using these fake products.

Here are the main harms of using fake sunglasses:

1. Lack of sun protection: Fake sunglasses often have lenses that are made of low-quality materials and do not provide sun protection properties. This is harmful to the eyes UVA ve UVB It means that it does not protect from the sun's rays. Prolonged sun exposure and lack of sun protection can lead to serious health problems, given that these rays can damage the surface of the eye and the cornea.

2. Eye fatigue and discomfort: Fake sunglasses do not provide adequate UV protection due to the poor quality of their lenses and are often used to prevent reflections. polarized It does not have features. This can cause eye fatigue, dry eyes and headaches. Lack of features used to reduce reflections may cause the sun's rays reflected from bright surfaces to reach the eyes more, causing the eyes to become more tired.

3. Wrong color perception: The poor quality of the lenses used in fake sunglasses can also affect color perception. It may become difficult or distorted to perceive true colors accurately. This can be especially dangerous when performing daily activities, such as traveling in traffic or working at work.

4. Risk of eye infections: Fake sunglasses often do not meet hygiene standards because they are made from poor quality materials. This increases the risk of eye infections caused by dirty lenses or frames that come into contact with the eyes while using the glasses. It can lead to eye infections, redness, itching, irritation, and even more serious problems.

5. Safety risk: Fake sunglasses also lack in durability due to low-quality materials and poor workmanship. This increases the risk of glasses breaking, cracking or shattering. The unexpected breakage or shattering of a pair of glasses can cause damage to the eyes and even pose a safety risk to people around them.

Fake sunglasses There are a number of disadvantages of using it. These harms can be listed as lack of sun protection, eye fatigue, incorrect color perception, risk of eye infection and safety issues. For your safety and eye health, it is important to choose quality sunglasses from original and reliable brands. To protect your eyes and keep them healthy, it is important to buy sunglasses from certified sellers you trust.

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