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Who will be in the Survivor 2024 Teams?

Who will be in the Survivor 2024 Teams?
Guest Post

Who will be in the Survivor 2024 Teams?

Survivor is a television program that has been keeping viewers glued to the screen for years and featuring adrenaline-filled struggles. Each new season continues to attract viewers by increasing its excitement and competition. Here are the members of the Blue Team and Red Team in Survivor 2024.

Nefise Karatay

Nefise Karatay, on 25 February 2000 BalıkesirHe was born in . His talent and passion for sports was discovered at an early age. Karatay, who started his sports career with the encouragement of his mother, joined Fenerbahçe's athletics branch when he was 5 years old. He continues his education at Ege University, Department of Sports Sciences.

In hurdle racing Turkey Nefise Karatay, who has won the Balkan Championships and Balkan Championships, has made a name for herself with her successes. His incredible determination and fighting spirit make him a strong player of the Survivor 2024 Blue Team.

Seda Ocak

Standing out as one of the successful names that Bursa has trained in the field of sports, Seda OcakHe is the twin sister of Sema Aydemir, a former contestant of the Blue Team. Born with a passion for sports, Seda Ocak began to write her own success story when she met athletics.

Seda Ocak, who took sports to a more professional level after graduating from Bursa Girls' High School, stands out as someone who takes her steps towards her goals one by one. Ocak, who improved himself by completing his sports management education, also moved towards specializing in the field of teaching. Seda Ocak, who has proven herself in the field of kindergarten teaching, has made a name for herself with her devoted efforts to make children love sports and prepare them for life in a positive way.

Seda Ocak, who started her sports life as an athlete at the age of 10, attracted attention by achieving success in the 100 meters hurdles category. Ocak, who gained an important place in Turkish sports by being promoted to the national team thanks to his disciplined and determined work, also successfully stepped into his coaching career.

Today, he is involved in sports as a sports consultant at the SKS department at Rumeli University. Seda Ocak, who guides students in sports with her professional experience and knowledge, contributes to the training of promising athletes by helping young athletes discover their talents.

Begüm Yücetan

Ece Begüm Yücetan, İzmirHe stands out as one of the successful young people raised by . Born on August 27, 1988, Yücetan started his education at Private Turkish College and then completed his education at Karşıyaka High School. He continued his higher education at Izmir University of Economics, Department of Turkish-English Translation and Interpretation. However, he had to abandon his academic adventure, which lasted two years.

Begüm YücetanInstead of giving up in the face of obstacles, he chose an alternative path and continued his education in the field of Media Communication at the Open Education Faculty. Begüm, who also stepped into her modeling career during this period, focused on improving herself both academically and in the beauty world.

Sahra Işık

He is one of the well-known names among volleyball enthusiasts and the sports community. Sahra Işık, is frequently mentioned with his contributions to Turkish volleyball. Born in 1991, Işık attracts attention both with her identity as a volleyball player and her modeling career.

Sahra Esra Işık achieved many successes in her volleyball career, which she started at a young age. Işık, who plays for Fenerbahçe Sports Club, stands out as a great player of his team. Sahra Işık's skills and leadership qualities on the volleyball court make her one of the most important players of the Blue Team.

However, it is possible to say that Sahra Işık is not limited to her achievements only in volleyball. Işık, who came third in the Best Of Model competition held in 2013, started to make a name for herself in the beauty and fashion world. Representing Turkey in the world beauty contest held in Malaysia, Işık received great admiration not only for her sports skills but also for her appearance.

Seda Aktuglu

One of the popular contestants of the Blue Team Seda Aktuglu, was born in Germany. Seda, who originates from Izmir, started her education life in Germany and then continued her high school education in Eskişehir. He continued his education at Marmara University German Language Teaching Department and had a successful education life. He also studied Public Administration at Anadolu University.

Seda Aktuğlu stepped onto television screens with the 'Are You In or Are You Out' competition. Seda, who entered the last two boxes with 200 TL and 100 thousand TL, achieved great success with her courage and strategic thinking. Seda, who had 100 thousand TL in her box, accepted the offer and earned a profit of 34 thousand TL.

Seda Aktuğlu, one of the energetic and remarkable names of the Blue Team, continues to make a name for herself with her achievements despite her young age. With her successes both in her education life and in her television career, she has managed to become an inspiring name to the audience. Seda Aktuğlu, who will make a name for herself with her future projects, keeps her followers waiting with excitement.

Damla Can

Damla Can, was born in 1990 and currently works as an instructor at a private gym. Damla, who draws attention with her interest in gymnastics, step and aerobics sports, also appeared in Survivor competitions in 2016 and 2018. Can, who is especially in touch with nature, was among the commentators in the Survivor Panorama program. Sports enthusiast Can fascinates the audience with both his educational identity and television experience. Damla Can is the meeting point for sports and nature lovers!

Hakan Hatipoğlu

Hakan Hatipoğlu, was born on November 28, 1979 in Çanakkale. After successfully completing his university education, he stepped into the world of television and took part in Turkey's popular competitions and TV series. 'Deal or No Deal?' Hatipoğlu, who attracted attention with his successful performances in programs such as Survivor and Survivor, fascinated the audience. He also took part in successful projects in the cinema and TV series industry. Hakan Hatipoğlu, known for his happy relationship with his family as well as his success in his programs and projects, is one of the successful names in the television world.

Yiğit Poyraz

Yiğit PoyrazHe was born in Bodrum on December 26, 1994 and spent most of his life in this beautiful coastal town. As soon as he discovered his potential, Yiğit left Bodrum for his education and after he got into Robert College. İstanbulIt was moved to . Yiğit, who continues his education at Boğaziçi University's business administration department and studied at the University of Sydney for a year to gain an international vision, draws attention with his self-belief and creativity.

Yasin Obuz

Yasin Obuzwas born in Diyarbakır on November 21, 1988 and grew up with a passion for sports. After receiving his first sports license in 1998, he started his football career. However, Obuz's talents were not limited to football.

Obuz was actively involved in different sports such as gymnastics, volleyball and basketball during his childhood. Ankara Studying at Hacettepe University Faculty of Sports Sciences further strengthened his passion for sports.

During his university years, Obuz had the opportunity to travel to many different countries and experience different cultures. Especially Rusya St. While he lived in St. Petersburg, he closely witnessed the culinary culture and lifestyle of that country.

His passion for cooking also emerged during this process. Obuz, who improved himself with his curiosity in the kitchen, also successfully appeared in the MasterChef competition.

Free Trigger

Özgür Tetik is a name that has demonstrated his passion for sports in many different periods of his life. Born in Yalova in 1975, Tetik started his sports career by being introduced to basketball. He played basketball in amateur leagues for many years and specialized in strength training during this time. He has achieved many successes both as an athlete and as a coach.

Yunus Emre Özden

Born on March 29, 1993 in the Silivri district of Istanbul, Yunus Emre Özden started to make a name for himself in the fashion world at a young age. Özden, who started her modeling career at the age of 17, appeared in Fashion Week events around the world at the age of 18-19. However, not content with just being a model, Özden also took her interest in sports one step further.

Özden, who participated in MMA fights throughout his life, began to show his skills in this field as well. The young fighter, who achieved the title of third in Turkey and second in Istanbul in 2019, managed to attract attention in a short time.

Ogeday Aggressive

Ogeday Girişken was born and raised in Adana in 1992 and continued his education life here. Having successfully completed the Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching at Marmara University, Girişken is a name that has proven itself in both academic and sports fields. He worked as a licensed athlete within Fenerbahçe for ten years and achieved success especially in the rowing team.

Pinar Saka

born in Istanbul Pinar SakaHe opened his eyes to life on November 5, 1985. Saka, who never left sports throughout his education life, showed a real example of success during his student years. While studying on a sports scholarship at the University of Nebraska Omaha, where he studied Business Administration and Marketing, he was selected as the athlete of the year by the NCAA in 2009. This success proved not only his talent for sports, but also his character that adopted a disciplined and ambitious working principle.

Merve Aydin

One of the important names of the Turkish athletics world, Merve AydinHe made a name for himself with his performance in middle distance running. Aydın, who was born in Istanbul, opened his eyes to life on March 17, 1990. It attracts attention with the fact that it holds both the outdoor and indoor Turkish records at the 800 meter distance.

One of the biggest achievements of Aydin's career was his victory at the 2008 World Junior Athletics Championships. silver It was a medal. Then, he achieved another important success by coming second in the same distance at the 2011 European Under-23 Athletics Championships. He also won his second silver medal in the 4×400 relay at the World University Summer Games.

Aydin, who is also remembered for his performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics, was greatly appreciated for continuing the race despite his injury. Aydın, who won the hearts of sports fans with his superior fighting spirit and determination, has become a source of inspiration for both young talents and everyone who loves sports.

Merve Aydın, who made a name for herself not only in the field of athletics but also in the television world, participated in the "Survivor" program in 2014 and took part in the celebrities team. She also competed in the "Survivor All Star" competition in 2015 and reached the finals. With these achievements, she has gained appreciation not only in the sports community but also in the television world.

Nagihan Karadere

Born in Adana's Kadirli district, Nagihan Karadere stands out as one of the shining stars of Turkish athletics. Karadere, who made a name for himself with his successes in short distance and hurdle racing, has a record time of 400 seconds in the 55.09m hurdles. With this invaluable success, he earned the right to represent our country at the 2012 London Olympics.

Nagihan Karadere's struggle to overcome obstacles and his superior performance have become the pride of Turkish sports fans. He not only represented our country in the Olympic arena, but also became an inspiration to young athletes. Nagihan Karadere, the talented athlete of the Red Team, is one of the well-known and loved names in the sports world with his professional attitude. Karadere, who displays his successes and competitive spirit in every race, has become a name that Turkish sports fans constantly follow.

Gizem Memiç

Gizem Memiç, Turkey's beauty queen, was born on May 16, 1990. Memiç, who achieved this prestigious title by being selected as Miss Turkey, took over the crown from the previous year's queen, Ebru Şam, in 2010. She herself represented Turkey in both the Miss World World Beauty Contest and the Miss Universe Beauty Contest.

Gizem Memiç is a graduate of Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, and draws attention with her academic success as well as her beauty. She showed a great fight by taking part in the Volunteers team in the Survivor Celebrities-Volunteers competition, which started in 2016. Memiç, who said goodbye to Survivor 2016 on the 115th day, ranked 10th.

Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu

Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu was born in Bursa in 1998. Kalaycıoğlu, who moved to Istanbul with his mother and siblings after his parents divorced at a young age, prepared for the exams by studying language after graduating from high school there. The young talent, who managed to get into the aviation engineering department in America, has actually been playing volleyball for 10 years.

However, his interest in music as well as sports led him to progress in another sector. Aleyna Kalaycıoğlu, who released her single titled 'I Couldn't Becereme' in 2019, exhibits this talent both on the volleyball fields and in the music world.

Berna Canbeldek

Berna Canbeldek, one of the energetic and talented members of the Red Team, was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1990. Canbeldek, who has many talents such as dancing, acrobatics, singing, playing the piano, horse riding and inline skateboarding, received training at the State School of Ballet and Acrobatics Berlin and Transform Acting School Berlin.

Canbeldek, who participated in the 2012-2013 final of the Talent You Are Turkey competition, then appeared in the Survivor 2014 & 2015 Celebrities-Volunteers program. Canbeldek, who managed to impress the audience with her advanced dancing talent and performing skills, has become the apple of the eye of the Red Team.

Berna Canbeldek continues to make a name for herself with her creativity and achievements. She remains a great source of strength and talent for the Red Team.

Dogukan Manco

Doğukan Manço is a name well known in the music world. However, the successful career of Manço, a member of the Red Team, is not limited to music. Born in 1981, Manço was born in Liege, Belgium. his father Baris MancoDoğukan Manço, the son of , grew up with a passion for music. Manço, who started taking music education at a young age, attracted attention with his interest in piano and guitar lessons.

Manço, who started his education life at Galatasaray High School, transferred to Bahariye High School because of his classes and completed his secondary education there. In 1997, with the encouragement of his father, he transferred to Marmara Radio Television Journalism Anatolian Technical High School. Manço, who went to America to study languages, studied for a bachelor's degree in City and Regional Planning.

Manço's talents were not limited only to music. With his interest in motor sports, he received training in this field during his childhood and became a professional drift pilot. Manço, who performed as a DJ in an event he organized to keep his father's memory alive in 2009, started DJing professionally in 2011.

Doğukan Manço, who added a new dimension to his musical career by establishing a production company called Manço Production in 2012, reinterpreted the song "Sakin Ol", one of the popular songs of the 1990s, with Tuğba Yurt. This song became one of the most listened to songs of 2014.

In addition to all these achievements, Manço also made a name for himself in the television world. Manço, who competed in the competition called "Survivor Ünlüler - Volunteers" broadcast on Star TV in 2013, achieved great success by coming second. Then, Manço participated in the competition called "Survivor All Star" broadcast on TV8 and competed in the Ünlüler team.

Doğukan Manço stands out as a successful name who shows his talents in different fields such as music, television and motor sports. Following in the footsteps of his father Barış Manço and building his own successful career, Manço continues to conquer hearts with his passion for music.

Furkan Kizilay

Furkan Kızılay, one of the popular faces of Turkish television, appears as an artist who is admired for his talents. Born in Istanbul, Kızılay stepped into this world on November 30, 1990. The actor, who played the unforgettable Emre (Carrot) character in the TV series Çocuk Duymasın, achieved a great breakthrough with this role.

Furkan Kızılay, who directs his music career as well as his acting talent, released his album "Aşksın Sen" in 2009. Kızılay, who received full marks from the audience with her unique style and impressive vocals, also showed her difference in the music world.

Furkan Kızılay, who started to revive the character of Emre (Carrot) in the TV series Çocuk Duymasın, which started shooting again in 2010, managed to capture the hearts of the audience with this role. Kızılay, who attracts attention with her stage energy and successful acting, is constantly pursuing innovations in her acting career.

Furkan Kızılay's talents are not limited to acting and music. He had the opportunity to show off his sportsman spirit by taking part in the Celebrities team in the 2017 Survivor Celebrities-Volunteers competition, which was broadcast in 2017. Continuing its consistent success in every field, Kızılay continues to capture the hearts of its fans.

Furkan Kızılay, one of the valuable artists of our country, is making a name for himself with the successes he has achieved in his career despite his young age. Red Crescent, which will take part in many more projects in the coming years, will continue to make a name for itself as one of the bright stars of the Turkish art community.

Ersin Korkut

Ersin Korkut was born on November 8, 1977. Being the son of filmmaker Yılmaz Erdoğan's aunt was a big factor in his starting his acting career. Before coming to Istanbul, he worked as a taxi driver in Hakkari and then as a dishwasher in a pizzeria. The turning point of Yılmaz Erdoğan's life was when he discovered Ersin Korkut while looking for a job at a pizzeria where his cousin worked.

Korkut started working with Yılmaz Erdoğan at Beşiktaş Cultural Center in 2000. In the following years, he worked in various units of BKM and attracted attention with his acting talent. He first became known for his background roles in theater plays, but over time, a suitable role was noticed for him.

The success and acting skills he showed in the commercials in which he starred alongside Cem Yılmaz gave Ersin Korkut the opportunity to be known to wider audiences. His impressive accent and “Doctor, what is this?” He is remembered with his lines.

One of the important steps in his career was his participation in the television program "Very Beautiful Movements These", produced by BKM. He managed to expand his fan base with his talented performances in the program.

Finally, he also appeared on television screens by taking part in the "Survivor 16" competition, which started broadcasting on February 2020, 2020. All these successes enabled Ersin Korkut to gain an important place among the popular and talented actors of Turkish cinema.

Ersin Korkut is a name that improves himself by working in different professions, from taxi to pizza making, and directs his acting career with determination. He won the hearts of the audience with the colorful characters and natural acting he brought to Turkish cinema. Korkut, who constantly renews himself with his acting, is one of the promising names of Turkish cinema.

Sercan Yildirim

Sercan Yıldırım, one of the talented names of Turkish football, was born on April 5, 1990 in Bursa. Yıldırım, who started his football life in Bursaspor infrastructure, attracted attention with his performance at a young age. Yıldırım, who was chosen as the 'Most Valuable Player' in the Pepsi Cup Tournament held in 2006, managed to attract all eyes with his talent.

Sercan Yıldırım, who won the championship in the 2008-2009 season with Bursaspor, won the appreciation of Turkish football fans with this success. Yıldırım, who was transferred to Galatasaray, made a name for himself with his successful performances at the next stop in his career.

Sercan Yıldırım, who plays in clubs such as Sivasspor, Şanlıurfaspor, Bursaspor, Balıkesirspor and Giresunspor, continues to contribute to his teams with his experience and effective play in attack. The career of Sercan Yıldırım, one of the important names of Turkish football, seems to be pregnant with even greater success in the future.

Turabi Çamkıran

Turabi Çamkıran is a name born and raised in Mersin and interested in martial arts. Çamkıran, who is involved in both breakdance and muay thai, made a name for himself by participating in the Talent You Are Turkey competition. However, he caught his real break in the Survivor competition in 2014. Çamkıran, the champion of the volunteer team, finished first in the Survivor All Star competition in 2015 and became the first contestant in Survivor history to achieve this success. Turabi Çamkıran, who took part in cinema and TV series projects after the competition, attracts attention with her successful performance. Çamkıran, one of Turkey's admired names with his talents, determination and determination, aims to undertake successful projects in the future.

Bozok Gören

Bozok Gören, who was born in Istanbul on January 5, 1974, has become a famous name both in our country and in the international arena. AnkaraGören, who constantly improved himself with the training he received in Istanbul and America, took part in the Volunteers team in the Survivor Celebrities-Volunteers competition, which was held in Panama in 2013, presented by Acun Ilıcalı.

Bozok Gören has become a name that is frequently mentioned with his fighting spirit, sporting talent and strategic thinking skills. His Survivor experience revealed not only his physical endurance, but also his character and leadership qualities. Gören won the appreciation of the audience with his performance during the competition and managed to make his name known to large audiences.

Bozok Gören continued to make a name for himself in the television world after his success in Survivor. Proving himself by taking part in different projects, Gören won the admiration of the audience and managed to gain appreciation.

Nihat Altınkaya

Nihat Altınkaya is a name that has an interesting career ranging from being an athlete to being a boxer and actor. Born in Karabük on September 28, 1979, Altınkaya grew up as the middle child of a family from Rize and started his education life in Karabük. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Karabük. Iron Altınkaya, who graduated from Çelik High School, started playing volleyball there and Ankara She also had professional volleyball experience at Emlak Bank Sports Club.

However, he had to quit volleyball due to an injury at the age of 17 and started working as a security guard in a nightclub in Ayvalık. Altınkaya, who moved to Istanbul after a while, started to receive boxing training while working in nightclubs and took an active part in Fenerbahçe Boxing Club.

The turning point in Nihat Altınkaya's life was the casting agency owner Gökçe Doruk Erten, whom he met while walking on Istiklal Street. Thanks to Erten, Altınkaya had the opportunity to act in the music video of Funda Arar's song "Öziyorum", and then had modeling and modeling experiences. During this period, he discovered his acting talents and began to appear in movies and television series.

While she was studying at Ekol Drama Art House, Altınkaya received theater art training from masters such as Ayla Algan and İpek Bilgin. Altınkaya, who took part in many important productions, proved herself by taking part in successful TV series such as "Karadayı", "Tozlu Yollar", "Unutulmaz", "A Thousand and One Nights", "Yaprak Dökümü" and "Kara Para Aşk".

The experienced artist participated in the Fear Factor program in 2005, but was eliminated in the first round. However, she won first place with her success in the Survivor 2012 competition program.

Nihat Altınkaya has built a successful career by transitioning from athlete to artist. Altınkaya, who always distinguishes himself with his passion for acting and boxing, is a respected name in his sector thanks to his talents and determination.

Survivor is a competition where intelligence, strategy and endurance are at the forefront as well as physical strength. Nefise Karatay stands out as a competitor who will do her best to excel in Survivor courses with her athletic abilities and competitive spirit.

However, Survivor is not just an individual competition. In this challenging fight where teamwork is important, Nefise Karatay can play an important role in the success of the Blue Team by displaying a harmonious and cooperative personality.