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Derogatory Words

Derogatory Words
Guest Post

Nice words While they provide the opportunity to pamper the other person, derogatory words can, on the contrary, be quite hurtful. While being humiliated by someone is among the worst emotions one can feel, it can also bring with it anger. It may be possible to use insulting expressions in a moment of anger and later regret it. Throughout your life, you may encounter people who think they are superior to you in terms of wealth and position, both in daily life and in business life. In such a situation, it is possible for people who see themselves to be superior to you to use insulting words towards you. People who experience this feeling should not apply the same behavior towards others. Even though everyone is different from each other, no one is superior to anyone else. For this reason, derogatory words should be prevented from spreading in waves. derogatory remarks The biggest lesson can be given to people who use it by being respectful and silent. Sometimes you may want to use derogatory words towards someone you are very angry with. If you encounter this situation, it would be better not to respond to the other person until you calm down. Heartbreak and anger can occur if derogatory words are used.

Nice Words and Derogatory Words

  • My stature is not enough, I need a brain, my dear!
  • I swear you can act in horror movies without make-up.
  • Believe me, if a beggar sees you on the road, he will be ashamed of his begging.
  • Did a man pass here? Sorry, you don't know that.
  • What can I accept about you as you are?
  • Don't be like a street lamp, dear! Let it be clear who you blame.
  • I wish separation for you and happiness for myself, lie person!
  • Divine Azrael, if you are going to kill people, let me give you the address.
  • If you took part in a documentary shot in a swamp, you wouldn't stand out at all.
  • If you go to the circus, they will say they are not looking for staff and won't let you in.
  • If there was a tax on stupidity, you would definitely be the tax record holder.
  • You don't need to know everything in this life, just know your place.
  • Even Mevlana, who said come again no matter what you are, would shout 'don't come' if he saw you.
  • If you talk behind my back a lot, know that it's because you don't have the face to look at me.
  • You are the gaps at the end of my sentences, you are the separations that my eyes cannot see anymore!
  • If you don't understand anything I say, go play in the sand for a while.
  • If you were as honorable as you speak, your feelings, your choices would not ruin your honor.
  • The mother who gave birth to you has caused a great shame for humanity in history.
  • He got angry with me and won't talk to me anymore. Today is Eve and tomorrow is Eid for me.
  • I string people like you up on a rope and make a metaphor for them, then I throw them aside as repentance.
  • I always draw your pictures with black pencil because I couldn't figure out what color you are.
  • Congratulations, you have pushed the boundaries of technology; You're the first three-dimensional bastard I've ever seen with the naked eye!
  • I would tell you to leave me alone and look at your own type and brew tea, but even the water won't get hot with your type.
  • Don't talk, you'll become a cover, don't beg, you'll become a dog. Be a young man, maybe you can find a place next to me.
  • Don't bother me, I'll say insulting things to you, then you'll be upset and won't be able to answer your phone.
  • Cruel who calls me heaven whenever you are, tell me now where in the hell are you far from me?
  • I neither let anyone down nor turned them away from the path. They just landed where they deserved.
  • I always wanted to ask you a question, but I never could. Were your mother and father related?
  • Don't think about me, I forget either lovingly or cursing. The important thing is which one you prefer.
  • You don't have a head that has some brain in it, you have nothing to do with humanity, get well soon.
  • You are in my life; While you were the most loved one in the most beautiful place, now you have become a point that ends everything.
  • If you are going to give me advice, be careful when giving advice, do not give it all to me, keep some of it in you.
  • My heart that you broke has just healed. Leave me alone, get out of my life, don't drive me crazy! Everyone to their own way!
  • You are trapped in false thoughts in your helpless life. May God grant you a speedy recovery, maybe then you will become human.
  • You have been a hypocritical, dishonest person in your life. May God give you wisdom, maybe then you will become a man.
  • You wrote it, you acted it, and you finished it. Now turn on the lights and let them see your true face and applaud your baseness.
  • I leave a little love to my heart and big sorrows to your troubles. Now I look at life with hope!
  • I laugh when people, who are worth no more than a full stop, attempt to use an exclamation point in every sentence.
  • I left clean rivers to my heart, the river of love to my body, purified cleanliness to my body, black seas to dishonorable people like you.
  • The only owner of my wounded heart is my wounded body, and you are the emotions in the dead end of helpless thoughts and fake loves!
  • You are the broken lie love of my ruined life, my ruined heart! You already finished my life, what will happen if you end it, scoundrel!
  • The friendship of the animal we despise as dogs is much better than the dogness of the people we embrace as our friends.
  • I regret knowing you, I thank God that I got rid of you, I hope I never meet you again.
  • If you don't understand me, it means you haven't learned our language yet. I don't know dog language either, but I'll say let's talk in your language.
  • From now on, take care of yourself, whether good or bad, wander the streets until the morning, deal with your own problems, or move on from this city slowly.