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This sentence kept coming to my mind. “I couldn't fill the void inside me.” When I read it and heard it, I recognized that incompleteness. What was this feeling, why did it take over me, and I slowly surrendered to it. This endless emptiness that squeezed my chest was the missing piece in the puzzle of my soul. I was incomplete and I was yearning to be completed. However, it always appeared in front of me, and I passed by without looking. My healing lies in 'true' love. One day, while I was loving, she whispered with the smile on my face and in my heart, I heard it; You are my cure! Come on, love yourself... Your reflection is life itself. He lives by feeling and living with his flesh and bones, not with such clichés. It turns out that everything seems to say, 'There's no need to search, look, it's right there in front of you, take it to your heart.' In a cloud, in a bird's feather, in a child's gaze... Thank God, the breath in the moment you watch moving around your cells! The life you breathe is your energy. I didn't see that you were returning to yourself every time you turned a corner. The wind made me bleed. Flying comes from an actual action. You are flying when your feet are firmly on the ground. The measure of your dream brings you closer to you with every step. The old women's information and their stories are unsolved beliefs. I just waited in the huge abyss of the unknown. There was no rain, no storms, no summers, I was just stuck. If I screamed "Who am I?" I would draw my way on my own canvas. If I had jumped off that cliff with my silence, then I would have felt my wings while floating in the sky. I didn't know... Silence kills. Talking is the skill of doctors.

I closed my eyes out of grief as I struggled with the endless questions and problems I created for myself. As I tried to walk in the lonely darkness, I tripped and fell. I'm so used to falling, my hands that I try to hold on to every time I fall... My wounded hands... Nine wounds on my hand, ten on my heart, my cure is One. To be one! In goodness, in the smile in the pain. Forgiveness in response to evil deeds. It is the whole within the whole. I learned by being left incomplete. How can you be complete, servant of Allah, without seeing your shortcomings? Can you know your strength without knowing your weakness? Know that every moment you live, whether it is given to you or not, is your gift. Your order and attention while unwrapping the gift are hidden in the reward of the next gift. Our road was orderly…

Books tell about your creation, isn't it from your soul that you were sent to the world? From succumbing to your desires. The pain suffered for centuries is due to desires and loves. Loves that cause soil, blood and war. Women, men. People are the bridge built over life. Their relationships with each other, emotions, insensitivity... Loves that leave you incomplete and then complete you with you... Legislators did not impose an order that every love will be reciprocated. That's why you ignore your shortcomings. It is important to stay true to every emotion and live without idolizing it. When you were born, you did not sign a promissory note with God to always be happy. Leave your war. Don't fight because the Creator showed your wound by someone else's hand. Can you be angry at the master who destroyed your wall while renovating your house? He said: Mevlana: "If you knew who was your guest, you would not be sad at all." Surrender to the whole, peace, enormous trust and virtues...

Whatever you do, with love...

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